Why is Kenny surprised in Birmingham?

Why is Kenny surprised in Birmingham?

Kenny is surprised that Birmingham looks so much like Flint, with regular houses and great big trees. It’s been ten years since the Watsons last visited Birmingham, so Kenny and Joey have never actually met Grandma Sands.

What is Dad’s explanation to Kenny for why they are bringing Byron to Birmingham?

Dad explains to Kenny, “Byron is getting old enough to have to understand that his time for playing is running out fast, he’s got to realize the world doesn’t have a lot of jokes waiting for him. He’s got to be ready” (Chapter 9).

What is so surprising to Kenny when he first sees Grandma Sands?

What was so surprising to Kenny when he first saw Grandma Sands? Kenny thought grandma sands would be a troll with a cane that was huge. Then he realized that she was so tiny and she looked just like momma would if you shrunk her and sucked all the juice out of her.

What did Dad do about Byron’s hair?

When Dad gets home, Momma Watson tells him about Byron’s hair. Dad doesn’t seem to be angry, but hauls Byron into the bathroom and closes the door so that Kenny and Joey can’t see what is happening. Dad whistles the song Straighten up and Fly Right, and cuts off all of Byron’s hair!

Why did Byron’s hair upset his mother so much?

Byron’s best friend Buphead did his hair. He got a “conk” (used chemicals) to dye it reddish brown and made it straight, stiff and slick. Momma is unhappy with Byron because he used chemicals on his hair, which is bad for him.

Does Kenny think Momma and Dad are good parents for sending Byron to Alabama Why does he think so?

Does Kenny think Momma and Dad are good parents for sending Byron to Alabama? He thinks so, because there are too many temptations in Flint, so hopefully the slower pace in Alabama will help him remove some of those temptations and let all his silliness go.

How did Byron plan to get back at his parents for making him go on the trip?

How did Byron plan to pay his parents back for making him go to Alabama? Byron plans to get back to his parents by trying not to speak a single word, but at the end he talked. Dad planned ahead of time to do something on the trip but not tell Momma.

What is it that wakes up Kenny in Chapter 11?

Kenny, through whose eyes we are viewing the story, is not able to stay awake for the entire drive from Flint to Birmingham. At one stage he wakes to ‘hillbilly music’ on the radio (his father had brought along a record player to avoid having to listen to such music on the radio).

What does Byron tell Kenny in the Watsons Go to Birmingham?

To scare Kenny, Byron tells him that there are hillbillies and rednecks around in Appalachia who would hang a black person like one of them in a heartbeat. Yet with this idea, he ends up scaring himself, too, so the boys run back to the car.

Why do Momma and dad get mad at Byron about his new hair?

Momma and Dad are angry that Byron got “new hair” because he did it in direct defiance of their wishes, and because it is just another in a series of bad choices Byron has made in regards to his behavior.

What’s the name of the dog in the Watsons Go to Birmingham?

Kenny ends up holding Joey’s head, and takes her shoes off; inside one shoe is a picture of a little white boy and a smiling dog, with the name “Buster Brown” written on the picture. Despite the plans, Daniel does not stop for the night in Cincinnati.

What does Byron tell Kenny in the Outsiders?

He reminds Kenny that he once was a crying little clown before, so he said to Kenny what goes around goes around. What does Byron tell Joetta in order to make her stop whining about the amount of clothes He told her that Mom made us wear extra clothes, because they have short blood vessels, since they were originally from Birmingham, Alabama.