What is passback maintenance?

What is passback maintenance?

Pass-back maintenance can be a combat multiplier for units, or it can cause the BSA to quickly become a collection point of broken equipment with no accountability of what needs to be fixed to get the equipment back into the fight.

What does O level maintenance mean?

Operational level
Operational level (O-level) maintenance is generally performed by flight-line personnel and is usually focused on scheduled inspections/servicing and rapid repair of aircraft discrepancies noted during or between aircraft flights (i.e., unscheduled maintenance).

What are the platoons in a FSC?

SBCT FSCs have four sections: a headquarters section, field feeding team section, a distribution platoon, and a maintenance platoon. The duties of an FSC distribution platoon are critical to mission success; it distributes supplies, enabling the warfighter to continue to fight.

What is operator level maintenance?

Operator maintenance is the lowest level of maintenance performed on the GSM. It is normally initiated with operator PMCS. PMCS is conducted before, during, and after operation as well as weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually in accordance with the appropriate GSM technical manuals.

What is a maintenance allocation chart?

A chart format, prepared and placed in appropriate equipment technical manuals, indicating maintenance operations applicable to an end item, component, assembly, or module, and which prescribes the maintenance categories authorised to accomplish specific maintenance operations.

What do you need to know about FSC certification?

Any company that wants to add the FSC label to any of the products it makes must first receive chain of custody certification. This certification proves it is sourcing materials from FSC-certified forests, recycling and/or controlled sources and is following FSC-defined best practice throughout the production process and supply chain.

Who is the support officer for the FSC?

The FSC executive officer (XO) serves as the support operations officer (SPO) for the supported battalion and coordinates support requirements with the other company XOs.

How does FSC help to protect the world’s forests?

The use of FSC Recycled products can help to alleviate the pressure of demand on sources of virgin material, thereby helping to protect the world’s forests. Products that bear this label are made using a mixture of materials from FSC-certified forests, recycled materials, and/or FSC controlled wood.

How are FSCS used in the US Army?

FSCs have enabled Soldiers in logistics military occupational specialties (MOSs) to work directly for maneuver, fire, and effects (MFE) battalions. In a traditional armored brigade combat team (BCT), four FSCs are assigned to the brigade support battalion (BSB) as D, E, F, and G companies.