Why does Montag keep washing his hands?

Why does Montag keep washing his hands?

Shortly afterward, Montag has a Shakespearean moment, when he returns to the fire station and compulsively washes his hands in an attempt to clear his guilt, feeling they are “gloved in blood”—a clear reference to Lady Macbeth.

Why does Montag insist on washing his hands several times while he’s playing cards with the firemen?

Captain Beatty; Montag keeps washing his hands while playing poker because he feels that his hands are “guilty”.

Why does Montag struggle with his hands during the poker game?

The address must not have been a surprise to Beatty, as he had noticed Montag acting guilty during the poker game. Beatty’s argument against books, and the way that he uses a number of quotes to reinforce his argument is of course what interrupts the poker game and makes Montag throw in his hand.

Why does Montag have to get up and leave the table twice while playing cards?

Twice during the game, Montag gets up to visit the restroom in order to wash his hands, as though they have been sullied by touching the forbidden books. When he returns the second time, he keeps his hands under the table. The game will have to wait.

What do Montag’s hands represent?

Later, the novel incorporates a reference to Shakespeare, as Montag compulsively washes his hands at the fire station in an attempt to cleanse his guilt. His feeling they are “gloved in blood” is a clear reference to Lady Macbeth. Montag’s hands function as a symbol of defiance and thirst for truth.

What did Montag’s hands do that surprised him?

Captain Beatty’s murder The narrator explains: “Montag had done nothing. His hand had done it all, his hand, with a brain of its own, with a conscience and a curiosity in each trembling finger, had turned thief.” The reader also learns that Montag’s hands played a role in his first encounter with Professor Faber.

What might be the significance of Montag having to wash his hand twice in a half an hour while at the firehouse?

His desire for the forbidden is overwhelming him with guilt. He wants to keep his guilty, book-tainted hands hidden, and in two allusions to Shakespeare’s Macbeth, in which blood and hand washing signify guilt, Montag goes twice to the restroom to wash his hands, and also feels he has blood on his hands.

Why does Montag think of the old man in the park?

Why does Montag think of the old man in the park? He thought of him, because he was a retired English professor teach could teach him about the books he was reading. He is reluctant to hand over the possibly valuable bible, but if Beatty knows that Montag stole a bible, then he will know Montag has a whole collection.

Why is Montag shocked and confused at the end of Part II?

Montag is trying to rebel, but he is confused because of his many mental blocks against nonconformity. He has never before deviated from the norm, and his attempts to establish an individual identity are continually frustrated.

What is the main reason Montag is so upset after burning the elderly lady’s house and books?

What is the MAIN reason Montag is so upset after burning the elderly lady’s house and books? Because it was the first time he saw someone die while he was burning books. Mildred likes to hit animals with her car to make herself feel better. The government is responsible for the current state of their society.

How is Montag influenced by his experience responding to this alarm?

Montag is impressed and horrified by her actions. He wants to know what is in the books, and beings to realize that Beatty knows more than he is saying as well. It is at this point that Montag begins his journey of exploration to find out more about literature and society. It changes him forever.

Why did Montag want to burn his home?

Montag enjoys burning his own home because it means he is destroying all of the emptiness that it represents. He wasn’t happy in his home with his wife Mildred. When Montag finds out Mildred was who called the alarm on him, he decides there’s no reason to save a home for a broken marriage.

What was Montag arguing against in Fahrenheit 451?

What aspect of the society is he arguing against? Montag was trying to memorize the bible but the commercial “Dentrums Dentriface” kept playing. He was trying to go against the aspect that the society has to tell you what to think. 6 Why does Montag tell Faber that his wife is “dying”

What is waiting outside of Montag’s door?

2 What is waiting outside of Montag’s door? Why? The mechanical hound because Beatty wants to intimate Montag. 3 What flashback does Montag’s have? Why? He has the flashback of when he met Faber in the park. He remembers this because he finds a piece of paper with Faber’s contact information.

Why did Montag read books before he met Clarisse?

Before Montag and Clarisse meet, Montag never thought or reading a book because he thinks it is against the law. But after, he starts challenging the laws by reading books that he took from burning houses, because he thinks he could find his happiness in it.