Who does The Undertaker like in black butler?

Who does The Undertaker like in black butler?

He was shown to be fond of Vincent’s sons, Ciel and his twin brother. However, one night, an unknown assailant broke into the manor and set it ablaze, kidnapping the twins and killing the rest of the Phantomhive family, including Vincent and his wife, Rachel.

Who does The Undertaker not like?

7 Hates: Shawn Michaels That’s because the mere presence of HBK put him in a bad mood. Undertaker himself said in an interview that Michaels’ rebellious attitude was overwhelming and that several times he had to “put him in his place” to do his job properly.

Who is The Undertaker best friend?

Shane O’ Mac stated in an interview prior to the match that he and The Undertaker share a friendship that goes back 25 years. He also mentioned that they had a lot of fun together in their long friendship.

Why does everyone love The Undertaker?

The Streak After all, the reason fans cared about it in the first place was due to his character, move-set and ability in the ring. His respect for the business shows every time he steps into the ring, especially his willingness to truly work his match, giving his opponent many opportunities to shine.

Does Undertaker care about Ciel?

Undertaker is shown to care deeply, albeit in a twisted way, to care about Ciel and his wellbeing. This may be because he knew Vincent before and joined him along with the secret society known as the Aristocrats of Evil.

Is Mark Calaway a nice guy?

But if you did invite Mark Calaway, the guy who plays ‘Taker, you’d quickly learn he’s actually a pretty great guy. When he isn’t terrifying children in the ring, Calaway tends to remain fairly private.

Are Roman Reigns and Undertaker friends?

Roman Reigns and Undertaker share a mutual respect Roman Reigns and the Undertaker have a storied rivalry in WWE. They only faced each other twice in the ring, and have partnered for a tag team match, but the mutual respect both men have for each other is immense.

Why is the undertaker so special?

One of the reasons Taker is so legendary is because he has been a marquee attraction since his debut in 1990. Most of today’s Superstars will be lucky if their WWE run lasts half as long. WWE has so many hours to fill that we end up seeing all the biggest names on the roster more than we would have 20 years ago.