What is the difference between Canterbury East and West?

What is the difference between Canterbury East and West?

Canterbury West is near the bottom of town where you have the westgate towers to walk through. Canterbury East is near top end of town but you have to walk though dane john gardens either through the park or on the city wall.

Does Canterbury have a train station?

Canterbury West railway station is a Grade II listed railway station, and the busier of the two stations in Canterbury in Kent, England. The station as well as all services are operated by Southeastern with both main line and high speed trains serving the station.

Where is Thanet Parkway station?

It will be located on the Ashford International to Ramsgate line, just to the west of the village of Cliffsend. Thanet Parkway will increase rail connectivity between East Kent, London and the wider Kent area by providing access to mainline and high speed services.

What line is Canterbury East on?

Chatham Main Line
Canterbury East railway station is on the Dover branch of the Chatham Main Line in England, and is one of two stations serving the city of Canterbury, Kent.

What zone is Canterbury?

Canterbury to London Underground Zone 1-6 by train

Distance miles ( km)
Departure station Canterbury
Arrival station London Underground Zone 1-6

Where do trains go from Canterbury?

Today, Canterbury West runs regular services to London Victoria, London Charing Cross,Margate and Ramsgate and high-speed to London St Pancras.

When did Canterbury West railway station get its name?

To avoid confusion with the older station also called Canterbury, built by the South Eastern Railway, it was renamed to Canterbury East on 1 July 1889 while the SER station was renamed Canterbury West.

Where is the Canterbury train station in Melbourne?

Canterbury railway station is located on the Lilydale and Belgrave, lines in Victoria, Australia. It serves the eastern Melbourne suburb of Canterbury, and opened on 1 December 1882. In the 1930s, a crossover was provided at the southern end of the station, and a signal box provided to work the interlocked level crossing gates.

What’s the difference between Canterbury West and Canterbury East?

The station and its line were built by the London, Chatham and Dover Railway, while Canterbury West station was built by the South Eastern Railway. Although called Canterbury East, the station is about 1⁄2 mile (0.8 km) due south of Canterbury West station, and only about 20 yards (20 m) to its east.

Is the signal box at Canterbury East still in use?

The elevated signal box remains but is no longer in use, with signalling on the line operated from a control room at Gillingham. The signal box was given Grade II listed building status in 2013.