What to do after the elite four black?

What to do after the elite four black?

After the Elite Four

  1. Check on the Statue. After you defeat the final member of the Elite Four, he or she will tell you to check on the statue in the lobby.
  2. Champion’s Room.
  3. N’s Castle.
  4. N’s Castle 2F.
  5. N’s Castle 3F.
  6. N’s Castle 4F.
  7. N’s Castle 5F.
  8. N’s Throne Room.

What do you do after you beat the Elite Four in Black 2?

Pick a path and go for it.

  • Battle Institute (Optional)
  • Pokemon World Tournament (New Tournaments)
  • Route 20 (Return) Cave of Being.
  • Castelia City (Return for Eevee Gift)
  • Undella Town (Return) Abyssal Ruins.
  • Alder’s House (Return)
  • N’s Castle.
  • Black City (Black 2) or White Forest (White 2) Route 15. Marvelous Bridge.

How do you beat Ghetsis?

Best way to defeat Ghetsis.

  1. Get yourself a Bisharp.
  2. Load up on X-Boosting Items.
  3. Ghetsis will start with Cofagrigus. Throw Bisharp at him.
  4. Since Cofagrigus has Toxic and Psychic, which Bisharp is immune to, and Protect.
  5. Sweep his entire team.

What do you do after bw2?

Gotta Catch ‘Em All

  1. Complete the Unova Pokedex (297) Event Victini.
  2. Complete the National Pokedex (636) Capture Azelf.
  3. Find and Capture All of N’s Pokemon (if you played Black and White) Boldore.
  4. Catch Both Basculin. Blue Stripe.
  5. Catch Both Frillish. Male Frillish (Blue)
  6. See All 4 Seasons Of Deerling / Sawsbuck. Spring.

Is N Ghetsis a son?

Ghetsis is described as having a bitter and look-at-me type of character. His son is N, as he specifies while lecturing him about losing to the player character.

Is NA a bad guy in Pokemon?

In Black and White, N serves as an anti-villain, being the secondary antagonist, yet a good-natured person who sees Pokémon as his friends and is generally rather amicable toward the player as well. At several points during the game, he appears before the player to battle.

Where do you go after defeating the Elite Four?

After you defeat the final member of the Elite Four, he or she will tell you to check on the statue in the lobby. Go ahead and do that. You will be warped to the Champion’s Room.

Where do you find the Elite Four in Unova?

The Elite Four in Unova are positioned within the Pok mon League to the north of Unova. This league is slightly different to normal due to it allowing you to take on the Elite Four in whatever order you wish.

What to do after defeating Kyurem in Pokemon Black?

After defeating him, he’ll give you the dragon’s stone, which activates on top of Dragonspiral Tower. From there, you can catch Zekrom or Reshiram. — And from there, Kyurem is available in the Giant Chasm. – Plenty of powerful trainers for you to face.

Where do you get Max Revive in Pokemon Black?

Anthea will heal up your pokémon for free. In a room on this floor, you will find a Max Potion. There is a PC in a room on this floor. There is also a Max Revive in one of the rooms, and there is a grunt who will give you an Ultra Ball. In addition, a grunt will ask you if you want to return to the Pokémon League.