Why CS2 is a liquid at room temperature but CO2 is a gas?

Why CS2 is a liquid at room temperature but CO2 is a gas?

Carbon disulfide has a larger, more polarizable electron cloud that makes for effective dispersion forces between molecules, and hence an elevated boiling point.

Why is carbon dioxide a gas at room temperature but silicon dioxide is a solid?

The reason why carbon dioxide is a gas and silicon dioxide is a solid is because their chemical structures are different. Carbon dioxide is a linear structure with two double bonds between carbon and oxygen. It is a small molecule and non-polar with only weak bonds between the molecules. Hence it is a gas.

Is CS2 a gas at room temp?

At room temperature, CS2 is a colorless liquid with an offensive odor. Carbon disulfide vapors are flammable. CS2. Carbon disulfide has stronger intermolecular forces than carbon dioxide.

Why CO2 and CS2 exist as different states at room temperature?

Both carbon disulfide and carbon dioxide are nonpolar molecules; hence only dispersion forces are present in them.

Why will CO2 boil faster than CS2?

CS2 has ahigher boiling point than CO2 despitehaving similar intermolecular forces because it has a larger molar mass.

Why is silicon dioxide and carbon dioxide so different?

The key difference between SiO2 and CO2 is that the SiO2 exists in the solid phase whereas, the CO2 exists in the gaseous phase at standard temperature and pressure conditions. Moreover, Silicon dioxide has got a white colour while carbon dioxide is a colourless compound.

Why is carbon dioxide a gas?

Carbon dioxide, CO2, is usually a gas. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a gas with a molecular structure composed of two oxygen atoms and one carbon atom. It is an important greenhouse gas because of its ability to absorb infrared wavelengths. Carbon dioxide is a chemical compound that is found in Earth’s atmosphere as a gas.

Why does CS2 have a higher boiling point than CO2?

CS2 has a higher boiling point than CO2 despite having similar intermolecular forces because it has a larger molar mass. Intermolecular forces are generally stronger than bonding forces. Increasing the pressure on a solid usually causes it to become a liquid.

What makes a compound liquid at room temperature?

What Kinds of Materials Form Liquids at Room Temperature? When the force of attraction between the particles are relatively weak, the substance is likely to be a gas at room temperature. As might be expected, a substance is a liquid at room temperature when the intermolecular forces are neither too strong nor too weak.