What is the plan the boys have to be rescued in Lord of the Flies?

What is the plan the boys have to be rescued in Lord of the Flies?

Overall, the boys take steps to ensure their survival on the island and eventual rescue by electing Ralph as their chief, creating a rule regarding the conch, and maintaining a signal fire, which will hopefully attract the attention of passing ships.

What is Ralph’s plan for rescue Do you think that this is a good plan Why or why not?

On the other hand Jack is just looking for something to hunt, not really caring on what else is happening at the moment. What is Ralph’s plan for rescue? Ralph thinks that they should build a signal fire, so if there was a ship or plane passing by they might be able to see the smoke and rescue them.

What goes wrong at the end of chapter 2 in Lord of the Flies?

Enraged at the group’s reckless disorganization, Piggy tells them furiously that one of the littlest boys—the same boy who told them about the snake-beast—was playing over by the fire and now is missing.

Which boy pessimistically introduces the reality that they may never be rescued?

The boys decide to ascertain if they are indeed stranded on an uninhabited island, and when they return, Ralph attempts to address their status. In this particular tribal council meeting, Piggy pessimistically points out to the entire tribe of boys that they may not be rescues for a very long time.

What do the boys decide they must do to be rescued?

Expert Answers What Ralph tells the boys they have to do is have a fire that will make smoke. If they can do that, then a passing ship or airplane could see the smoke and know that there are people on the island that need to be rescued.

What is Ralph’s plan for rescue in Chapter 2?

Thinking about the possibility of rescue, Ralph proposes that the group build a large signal fire on top of the island’s central mountain, so that any passing ships might see the fire and know that someone is trapped on the island.

Who died in the second chapter of Lord of the Flies?

The first death is the little boy with the mulberry birthmark who is inadvertently killed in an out-of-control fire in chapter two; Simon’s death borders on accidental but Piggy’s death is flagrant murder.