What is Article 7 of the Georgia Constitution?

What is Article 7 of the Georgia Constitution?

Article VII of the Georgia Constitution is entitled Taxation and Finance.

What does Article 4 of Georgia’s constitution focus on?

(4) Any general law previously enacted by the General Assembly providing for life without parole or for mandatory service of sentences without suspension, probation, or parole is hereby ratified and approved but such provisions shall be subject to amendment or repeal by general law.

What is Article 9 of the Georgia Constitution?

(a) The governing authority of each county shall have legislative power to adopt clearly reasonable ordinances, resolutions, or regulations relating to its property, affairs, and local government for which no provision has been made by general law and which is not inconsistent with this Constitution or any local law …

What is Article 6 of the Georgia Constitution?

Judicial power of the state. The judicial power of the state shall be vested exclusively in the following classes of courts: magistrate courts, probate courts, juvenile courts, state courts, superior courts, Court of Appeals, and Supreme Court.

What are the differences between the Georgia Constitution of 1861 and 1865?

The Constitution of 1865 was similar to the one of 1861. It continued the bill of rights and made no significant changes to the legislature. But it prohibited slavery and limited the governor to two terms.

What does Article V of the Constitution of Georgia specifically mandate?

Governor: Term of Office; Compensation and Allowances There shall be a Governor who shall hold office for a term of four years and until a successor shall be chosen and qualified.

What is the first article in the GA Constitution?

Article One of the Georgia State Constitution describes the Georgia Bill of Rights, a set of forty paragraphs which enumerate the Rights of Persons, the Origin and Structure of Government and other General Provisions.

What are the articles of the Georgia Constitution?


  • 2.1 Preamble: Statement of Purpose.
  • 2.2 Article I: Bill of Rights.
  • 2.3 Article II: Voting and Elections.
  • 2.4 Article III: Legislative Branch.
  • 2.5 Article IV: Constitutional Boards and Commissions.
  • 2.6 Article V: Executive Branch.
  • 2.7 Article VI: Judicial Branch.
  • 2.8 Article VII: Taxation and Finance.

What are the basic rights in the Ga Constitution?

Both the U.S. Constitution and the GA Constitution give all citizens basic rights and responsibilities: SS8CG1 – The student will describe the role of citizens under Georgia’s constitution. Basic Rights of all Citizens: • Right to free speech • Right to worship freely • Right to a trial by jury.

What was the Constitution of the colony of Georgia?

Prior to having a formal constitution, Georgia was governed under the Charter of 1732 issued King George II of England, and the 1776 Rules and Regulations of the Colony of Georgia. The following book provides background information on the creation of the 1983 Georgia Constitution.

How to cite the Georgia Constitution for legal research?

Citing the Georgia Constitution The General Assembly did not codify provisions of the 1983 Constitution as sections in the O.C.G.A. Therefore, whether locating the Constitution via a print or online source, researchers must cite to the constitution in the following format: Ga. Const. art. I, § II, para. III.

How to find proposed constitutional amendments in Georgia?

To find proposed amendments in Georgia Laws, researchers will need to identify the General Assembly session that passed the proposed amendment, and then find that session’s corresponding Georgia Laws edition. Researchers can use the Tabular Index in Georgia Laws to locate the text of the proposed constitutional amendments.