What is an example of a homage?

What is an example of a homage?

The definition of homage is a public show of respect or honor to someone. An example of homage is publicly promoting and congratulating someone. An artistic work imitating another in a flattering style.

What is another word for paying homage?

What is another word for pay homage?

revere venerate
adore reverence
honourUK admire
idoliseUK idolizeUS
respect honorUS

What does to pay homage mean and how do people usually do it?

pay homage (to someone or something) There’s a fine line between paying homage and straight up ripping someone off. 2. To openly worship, admire, honor, or show respect for someone or something. Many come from all over the world to pay homage to the venerated leader of the church.

How is homage used in simple sentences?

Homage in a Sentence 🔉

  1. As a sign of homage for the late president, government flags will be flown half-mast today.
  2. To show homage, the poor people brought gifts to the god’s temple.
  3. The soldiers displayed homage to their fallen comrade by saluting his coffin.

Do you use a or an before homage?

Explanation: I pronounce it ohm-ahj, and seeing it spelled as “a homage” makes me hear it in hillbilly. The Grammarphobia Blog reports on the increasingly common use of the French spelling, hommage, which would always take “an” as the article because there’s no question about its pronunciation.

How do you use homage?

What is the difference between homage and tribute?

As nouns the difference between tribute and homage is that tribute is an acknowledgment of gratitude, respect or admiration; an accompanying gift while homage is (historical) in feudalism, the formal oath of a vassal to honor his or her lord’s rights.

Are homage and tribute the same?

How do you use hommage?

How do you use hurtle in a sentence?

Hurtle in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The force of the truck caused the car to hurtle over the bridge.
  2. If you live in a trailer, you should evacuate at once because the hurricane could cause your home to hurtle through the air.
  3. Throwing the glass vase against the wall will cause pieces of it to hurtle in random directions.

Is it an homage or a homage in UK?

The standard British English pronunciation of the word ‘homage’: a) pronounces the ‘h’ b) is stressed on the first syllable c) rhymes with ‘damage’ not ‘ménage’. It therefore needs an ‘a’ as the definite article not ‘an’.

What is another word for paid homage to?

Synonyms for paid homage to include acclaimed, applauded, honored, honoured, celebrated, commemorated, commended, extolled, glorified and lauded. Find more similar

What is another word for pay homage to?

pay homage | synonyms: stroke, build up, sing the praises, cheer, hail, cry up, elevate, approve, pay tribute, endorse, ennoble, celebrate, bless, extol, boost, reverence, applaud, make much of, tout, smile on, bow down, distinguish, acclaim, dignify, proclaim, recommend, admire, adulate, aggrandize, give thanks, appreciate, honor, advocate, commend, exalt, Panegyrize, worship, compliment, cite, root, clap, cajole, laud, sanction, glorify, eulogize, rave over, puff, flatter, resound, regard

What is the noun for homage?

homage. noun. /ˈhɒmɪdʒ/, /ɒˈmɑːʒ/. /ˈhɑːmɪdʒ/, /əʊˈmɑːʒ/. [uncountable, countable, usually singular] (formal) jump to other results. homage (to somebody/something) something that is said or done to show respect for somebody. The kings of France paid homage to no one. He describes his book as ‘a homage to my father’.