How did Berl and Berlcha lead their life?

How did Berl and Berlcha lead their life?

The old couple, Berl and Berlcha, lead a quite simple but happy life in Lentshin. They are satisfied with their frugal life, enjoying the harmony with animals and nature. However, it is hard to believe that Berl, Berlcha and many other villagers are living in exile.

How do Berl and Bericha live?

Berl and Berlcha live in a tiny hut in the village of Lentshin in Poland. They have a garden, which presumably provides them with vegetables, as well as a cow and a goat for milk. Berlcha keeps chickens and sells eggs (and sometimes the chickens as well) to make money for flour, so that she can bake.

Why didn’t Berl spend the money Samuel sent him?

Berlcha and Berl keep the money their son sends them every month under the bed; they save every penny. Their reason for not spending the money……. they tell Samuel they didn’t it. As far as religion and tradtion, they are Jewish; they respect the Sabbath and attend the synagogue.

What does Samuel realize about the people of Lentshin at the end of the story?

The end of the story is also interesting as Samuel appears to have a moment of realisation. He realises that his parents and those who live in Lentshin do not need to be influenced by him or the Lentshin Society in New York.

What is the lesson in the Son from America?

In “The Son From America,” Isaac Bashevis Singer teaches the important lesson that one does not need to be rich to be happy. Berl and Berlcha live in the little Polish village of Lentshin, and they…

What is the conflict in the Son from America?

The central conflict in “The Son from America” concerns the cultural differences and misunderstandings that have arisen between Samuel, a Jewish man who moved to America 40 years ago, and his parents, who still live in the same small village of Lenshin in Poland from which he emigrated.

How did the old Berl spend their long winter evening?

Only for the Sabbath would Berlcha buy candles at the store. In summer, the couple got up at sunrise and retired with the chickens. In the long winter evenings, Berlcha spun flax and Berl sat beside her in the silence of those who enjoy their rest.

What is the son from America about?

What plan did Samuel have for Lentshin?

Every single month, he sends money to his parents via a money order. His parents cash the money thrice every year at the nearest town called Zakroczym. They keep the money in a boot beside one of the beds.

How did the old Berl spend their long winter evenings?

What does the son mean when he tells his mother that she is already wealthy explain?

What the son means is that his mother already has everything she needs in life. More than this, her grateful attitude encompasses the whole of her existence. So, this is why the son tells his mother that she is already wealthy. In the story, Samuel is the son who speaks these words to his mother, Berlcha.

What is the setting of the son from America?

By Isaac Bashevis Singer and Dorothea Straus, (trans.) Berl, an old man in his 80’s, & his wife Berlcha(which means wife of Berl), live in a tiny hut in the Polish village of Lentshin.