What happens in Chapter 8 of Wind in the Willows?

What happens in Chapter 8 of Wind in the Willows?

The barge-woman realises that Toad has ‘never washed so much as a dish-cloth in your life’ and Toad loses his temper. He is thrown into the canal but gets his own back by stealing the barge-woman’s horse to make his escape.

What happens in chapter 9 of Wind in the Willows?

Summer finds Rat restless as the birds head south and field mice begin to prepare for winter. The call to adventure, “that chord hitherto dormant and unsuspected,” grows within Rat as other animals talk of the anticipation of their journeys. Rat encounters a wayfarer, the Sea Rat, and invites him to lunch.

What did the Gypsy want from toad?

Down the road he encounters a gypsy cooking stew, and the gypsy offers to buy the horse. Toad sells it for money and breakfast and then heads for home, once again singing his own praises.

What deal does Toad make with the Gipsy?

What is the moral of The Wind in the Willows?

One of the morals of The Wind in the Willows is the joy that comes from journeys. Another moral is the importance of friendship, as Mole, Rat, and Badger try to prevent the reckless Toad from harming himself further with his heedless motoring.

What happens to toad in the Wind in the Willows?

Their appeal to him fails, and Toad is caught stealing a car and is sentenced to twenty years in jail. Toad escapes jail and has many adventures on his trip home. When he finally arrives back at Toad Hall, he finds it overrun with weasels, stoats, and ferrets from the Wild Wood.

Who is the Otter in the Wind in the Willows?

Otter Though Otter appears in only a few chapters of The Wind in the Willows, he is a part of the central friends group. He is quick and bright, and gains the respect of other animals by always being on hand to help when needed.

How did mole and rat become friends in the Wind in the Willows?

Friendship is an important theme in the novel. Mole first meets Rat while standing on a riverbank, gazing out at the rushing waters. Mole and Rat become fast friends and do everything together, including going on adventures that bring them into contact with Badger and Toad.