Who owns KinderCare?

Who owns KinderCare?

Knowledge Universe
KinderCare Learning Centers/Parent organizations

Post-2000 financial history. KinderCare was acquired in 2005 by the Knowledge Learning Corporation (KLC) division of Michael Milken’s privately held education services firm, Knowledge Universe. The deal, valued at over US$1 billion, made KLC the nation’s largest private child care and education provider.

Who is the president of KinderCare?

Paul Thompson, President Paul Thompson is the President of KinderCare, leading center operations, facilities, HR, IT, real estate, strategy, and new center growth functions.

How many Kindercares are there?

Our over 1,500 centers in 40 states and more than 500 Champions Before- and After-School programs provide families and their children with the same curriculum and values in every classroom across the country.

Where is KinderCare corporate headquarters located?

Portland, OR
KinderCare Learning Centers/Headquarters

When did KinderCare first open?

July 14, 1969, Montgomery, AL
KinderCare Learning Centers/Founded

When was KinderCare founded?

When was Kindercare founded?

Is Kindercare a good daycare?

Yes its expensive but they do so much with the kids. They really work on education with the kids and are always making sure they have fun while learning. My son went to Kindercare as an infant and i did like it. I liked how the facility looked (clean, secure) and very nice staff.

Do Kindercare employees get benefits?

They offer a lot of coupons to places, ,and maybe a cheap ticket to your dream destination but hardly any of the benefits you need. Medical, dental, visions, 401 K Plan after a year. Health benefits are extended to employees, however, pay rate makes it difficult to budget.

How expensive is Kindercare?

How much does KinderCare tuition cost?

Program/Age Prices Quoted
Infant (six weeks old) $287/week for a full-time program
Infant (six months old) $286/week for a full-time program
Infant (six months old) $180/week for two days per week
Infant (six months old) $319/week for a full-time program

Is KinderCare a good daycare?