What happened to Simeon Adams neck?

What happened to Simeon Adams neck?

Adams himself was shot in the neck April 2 and was hospitalized. The circumstances of that shooting are not known. Adams is a suspect in the burglary of a gun shop on March 22, authorities said.

What happens when you give Simeon all the cars?

there is no such thing as delivering all cars to him. it’s everlasting daily changing set of cars that you can find one of them and deliver. beyond some minor cash and rp, you get nothing more.

How much do you make from Simeon?

Successful delivery is rewarded with a cash payment of 15% of the retail value of the vehicle up to a maximum limit of $20,000, plus reimbursement for any repair costs incurred at Los Santos Customs prior to getting the vehicle resprayed, less any damage incurred between Los Santos Customs and the garage at Terminal.

What does Simeon pay for cars?

Simeon Cars Sale Price

Vehicle Normal LSC Sales Price Simeon Sale Price
Obey Tailgater $5,500 Approx $8,700
Dundreary Landstalker $5,800 Approx $9,000
Benefactor Serrano $6,000 $9,254
Übermacht Sentinel XS $6,000 $9,070

What did Simeon Adams do?

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Oct. 12, 2015)– The man convicted in the murder of an Indianapolis father-to-be was sentenced Tuesday in a separate shooting. Simeon Adams, 18, will serve 12 years in jail for carrying a handgun without a license and aggravated battery in connection with the March 30, 2014 shooting of Erick Douglas.

How long did Simeon Adams get?

Simeon Adams was sentenced to 55 years in jail Friday for the murder of an Indianapolis father-to-be. Nathan Trapuzzano’s widow gave birth to their daughter, Cecilia, three weeks after the murder.

How do I export Simeon?

Complete Simeon Export Requests in 5 Steps

  1. Read the Text Message. Every 24 real-life hours there’s a chance that Simeon will send you a text message with a list of vehicles he wants.
  2. Find the Vehicle.
  3. Steal the Vehicle.
  4. Respray the Vehicle.
  5. Bring the Vehicle to Simeon.

What is the highest paying Simeon job?

#4 – Blow Up Blow Up is a thrilling mission in the GTA Online world, featuring Simeon Yetarian, another gold mine with the highest payout.

How old is Simeon Adams?

In exchange, prosecutors agreed to drop an attempted murder charge. Adams was sentenced in July to 55 years in prison for fatally shooting Trapuzzano while the 24-year-old was taking a morning walk on April 1, 2014.