Would you kindly twist BioShock?

Would you kindly twist BioShock?

Through a series of visions, it is revealed to the player that the phrase is “Would You Kindly”. Elizabeth sees through multiple visions the future of Atlas, seeing his downfall as Fontaine by Jack’s hands, as well as Sally being among the Little Sisters rescued by Jack.

How did splicers become splicers?

Remnants of Rapture’s human population, Splicers are the result of ADAM use, which skyrocketed during the violence of the Rapture Civil War. During the conflict, and the chaotic days that followed, most of the city’s citizens fell victim to the Splicers or abused ADAM to the point of becoming Splicers themselves.

What is Rapture Metro?

Rapture Metro was the main transportation system in Rapture, using principally automatic bathyspheres, trains, bulkheads, and pathways to reach the different docking stations scattered through the city.

What happened to Jack in BioShock?

Depending on the player’s actions throughout the game, Jack will either become the new, power-hungry ruler of Rapture and leader of the Splicers, or he escapes to the surface with at least five Little Sisters, raising them as his own daughters until dying of old age, with the now adult women comforting him at his …

Would you kindly open the door black mirror?

The developer and researcher who’s been with him since he first started playing, Katie (Wunmi Mosaku), takes on a nurturing tone and repeatedly asks, “Would you kindly open the door?” The “Would You kindly?” could be a definite reference to a well-remembered trigger phase in BioShock.

What is a spider splicer?

Spider Splicers are Splicers that have evolved to a new extreme. Able to stick on to the ceiling, perform acrobatic feats impossible for a normal human, and hurl red-hot hooks from afar at their foes, they are one of the most difficult Splicers to defeat.

Is Fontaine a splicer?

Fontaine/Atlas now is spliced up, displaying inhuman strength by hurling a massive iron sculpture at Jack. He says that he had never tasted ADAM before then, but now cannot get enough. Fontaine avoids fighting Jack, barricading himself in the tower at Point Prometheus.

What are splicers in BioShock?

Splicers. Splicers serve as the primary enemies within the first two BioShock games. They are human inhabitants of Rapture who, through the excessive use of ADAM, have been permanently endowed with various superpowers, but who also became ludicrously and irreversibly insane with disfigured bodies.