What does interrogate mean in computer terms?

What does interrogate mean in computer terms?

interrogate verb [T] (COMPUTING) to get information from a computer: The computer language was originally developed to make it faster to interrogate a database.

What is database interrogation?

Database interrogation means for selecting a database entry for which data is stored within the database in a plurality of fields, comprising input means operable to receive data indicating the preference of a user in relation to at least some of the fields, processing means operable to compare user preferences with …

What is Computerised database?

A computerized database contain well organized electronic files that is stored in a location that is designed and modeled to allow easy storage and retrieval of data by the user. . There are two basic types of databases: Indexes or bibliographic databases.

What are the advantages of a Computerised database?

What are the advantages of a computerized database?

  • Reduced data redundancy.
  • Reduced updating errors and increased consistency.
  • Greater data integrity and independence from applications programs.
  • Improved data access to users through use of host and query languages.
  • Improved data security.

What is interrogation and examples?

An interrogating or being interrogated; examination. The definition of an interrogation is a verbal questioning of someone. When the police ask someone a series of tough questions to determine if he robbed a store, this is an example of an interrogation.

What does interrogated mean?

1 : to question formally and systematically. 2 : to give or send out a signal to (a device, such as a transponder) for triggering an appropriate response. Other Words from interrogate Synonyms & Antonyms Choose the Right Synonym Example Sentences Learn More About interrogate.

What do u mean by interrogation?

Definition of interrogation : the act of interrogating someone or something: such as. a : a formal and systematic questioning She conducted a skillful interrogation of the witness.