What years are the Chevy Cheyenne?

What years are the Chevy Cheyenne?

One of the trim levels for these trucks, the Cheyenne, was available as a trim level from 1992 until 1998. The company ceased production of its C/K series in 1999 when it introduced the Silverado.

Did GMC make a Cheyenne?

The first one dates back to July 2009, followed by January 2013, and then November 2016. The very first time that GM filed to trademark the Cheyenne name was in 1987….Sponsored Links.

Brand Cheyenne
Status Inactive
Holder General Motors Corporation
Number 73700701
Application Date Dec 14, 1987

Does Chevy still make the Chevy Cheyenne?

Chevrolet gradually phased out the Cheyenne nameplate from its regular-production lineup, but it has put it on two concepts since the turn of the millennium. One was a burly pickup unveiled at the 2003 Detroit Auto Show; the second was a hot-rodded Silverado presented at SEMA in 2013.

What is considered a Cheyenne?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Chevrolet Cheyenne may refer to: Chevrolet C/K (a trim package for this truck line) Chevrolet Silverado (post-C/K Silverado marketed in Mexico)

When did Chevy stop making the Cheyenne trim level?

The inside of the trucks also received a refresh with a new instrument panel, seats, dash shape, and sill plates. Trim levels consisted of the Custom Deluxe, Silverado, Scottsdale, and Cheyenne. This was the last year Chevy offered the Cheyenne trim level, discontinuing it in 1982.

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