What do Kashmir people speak?

What do Kashmir people speak?

Kashmiri (English: /kæʃˈmɪəri/) or Koshur (كٲشُر, कॉशुर, 𑆑𑆳𑆯𑆶𑆫𑇀, /kəːʃur/) is a language from the Dardic subgroup of Indo-Aryan languages, spoken by around 7 million Kashmiris, primarily in the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

Is Kashmiri spoken in Pakistan?

Kashmiri is spoken by roughly five percent of Azad Kashmir’s population. According to the 1998 Pakistan Census, there were 132,450 Kashmiri speakers in Azad Kashmir. This has resulted in these languages gaining ground at the expense of Kashmiri.

What are the different ways to say hello in Kashmir?

In traditional Kashmiri, there are five different levels of hello, according to the age, status of the person addressed. Hey, hyo, hatsey, hatehaz and hazrat. Kashmiri is in reality a vast language, but it fell to a dialect after the kingdom of Kashmir was overrun by Indians under Akbar 1586 and subsequently lost governmental patronage.

Do you use English as a second language in Kashmir?

Some Kashmiri speakers use English or Hindi as a second language. In the past few decades, Kashmiri was introduced as a subject at the university and the colleges of the valley. At present, attempts are on for inclusion of Kashmiri in school curriculum.

Which is the best language to say hello in India?

The first language in which we will find out how to say hello in different Indian languages is Hindi. Hindi is said to be one of the most widely used languages in India. Its roots can be traced back to the Indo-Aryan era. Hindi is recognised as the official language of 9 states and 3 Union Territories.

Where does the word namaste come from in Kashmir?

In Kashmiri language rather Kashmiri customs the word ‘Namaste’ isn’t spoken. Instead the Kashmiri Pandit community used the word “Namaskar” which is actually derived from two words “Namah” meaning “Divine” and “Saakaar” meaning the “Reality”.