When was Steven Gerrard first game for Liverpool?

When was Steven Gerrard first game for Liverpool?

29 November 1998
Gerrard made his Liverpool first-team debut on 29 November 1998 in a Premier League match against Blackburn Rovers as a last-minute substitute for Vegard Heggem. He made thirteen appearances in his debut season, filling in for injured captain Jamie Redknapp in central midfield.

How old was Steven Gerrard when he scored his first goal?

Steven Gerrard scored his first goal for Liverpool this day 15 years ago. The Liverpool captain was just 19 at the time and scored a goal that would become a hallmark of his career, as his side beat Sheffield Wednesday 4-1 at Anfield.

How many appearances did Steven Gerrard make for Liverpool?

The boy had sure come far in a short period of time and his career rose rapidly in the 2000/01 season. He made 50 appearances for Liverpool, won the League Cup and FA Cup and scored a goal, which he ranks as one of his most memorable, in the brilliant 5-4 win over Alaves in the UEFA Cup final.

When did Steven Gerrard make his first team debut?

Those in the know at the Academy and around the club suspected someone special was emerging, with whispers growing louder of the potential Steven possessed. Within 12 months, a first-team debut arrived. The Scouser was introduced as a second-half substitute against Blackburn Rovers on November 29, 1998 – a landmark day for player and club.

When was Steven Gerrard ruled out of the World Cup?

Liverpool, under the guidance of Houllier, continued its progress in the League and finished second in the 2001/02 season, seven points behind Arsenal. Gerrard was ruled out of England’s World Cup squad in the summer through injury. Liverpool’s form dropped considerably in the next two years.

What did Steven Gerrard do After retiring from football?

After retiring from playing football, Gerrard became a coach in the Liverpool youth academy and managed their under-18 team during the 2017–18 season, before becoming manager of Scottish Premiership club Rangers ahead of the 2018–19 season.