What are the songs played in Smallville?

What are the songs played in Smallville?

Popular Songs

  • Eight Half Letters. Stereoblis.
  • Long Way Around. Eagle-Eye Cherry.
  • Everything I Own. Jude.
  • Unstoppable. The Calling.
  • Wonder. Embrace.
  • Maybe. Stereophonics.
  • Let’s Go. Capitol Eye.
  • This Is Your Life. Switchfoot.

What song plays at the end of Smallville?

“Beautiful Day” by U2 — This is playing at the very end of the episode. Interesting to note: this song was also used in the original unaired version of the Smallville pilot.

What band was in Smallville?

“Save Me” is a song by American alternative rock band Remy Zero. Taken from their album The Golden Hum, it reached number 27 on the United States Billboard Modern Rock charts, and there’s the theme version of it for the Superman-based television series Smallville.

What are the top three tracks on the soundtrack of your life?

So bust out your headphones or turn up the speakers and play these 10 songs, all of which should be on the soundtrack to your life.

  • Walking on Sunshine.
  • Staying Alive.
  • Holding on to a Hero.
  • Daydream Believer.
  • I Won’t Back Down.
  • Beautiful.
  • I Will Survive.
  • Everybody Hurts.

What is my life soundtrack?

The Soundtrack of My Life is the 18th studio album released by Donny Osmond in 2014. It contains his versions of very popular songs from when he was growing up, like “Ben”, “My Cherie Amour”, and “Baby Love”. The album peaked at No. 181 on the Billboard 200 chart and No.

Was there a Smallville spinoff?

Tom Welling Confirms Animated Smallville Spinoff Series Is In Development. Though it ran for 10 seasons from 2001-2011 – it’s still the longest-running comic book TV series ever – the prequel stopped short of exploring Clark Kent’s career as the Man of Steel.