Is laser spine surgery better than traditional?

Is laser spine surgery better than traditional?

Doctors who support laser spinal surgery maintain it is more efficient, effective and gentle than traditional methods. The truth is, minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) can be performed as effectively, and probably more effectively, without a laser.

Is laser surgery minimally invasive?

Laser spine surgery is often used alongside minimally invasive techniques. Doctors who perform laser spine surgery claim that it is more efficient and effective than minimally invasive spine surgery using more traditional surgical methods.

What is the success rate of laser spine surgery?

The good news, according to Dr. Haines, is that 90 percent of the time — whether it’s disc herniation, nerves or spine pain — issues can get better without surgery. As laser continues to improve and surgeons become more adept, laser surgery will become more of a mainstay, predicts Dr.

Is laser spine surgery Successful?

If you’re considering back surgery, you should know that while minimally invasive surgery using a laser is effective for some conditions, it isn’t a miracle cure, and it isn’t for everyone.

How much does laser spine surgery cost?

This is a significant because laser spine procedures can range anywhere from $4,000-$90,000 and many patients are shocked when they find out that they’re not covered by their insurance and are left to foot the bill on their own.

How long is recovery from laser spine surgery?

You should make a full recovery within 6 weeks of the surgery. Patients can take some steps to ensure that they recover as quickly as possible after laser spine surgery.

Is MLS laser therapy FDA approved?

MLS Laser Therapy is an FDA-approved treatment that has been described time and time again as a comforting and relaxing treatment experience. MLS Laser Therapy can treat conditions such as: Musculoskeletal pain, muscle strains and tears.

How long is recovery from laser spine?

It will take about 4 to 6 weeks for you to reach your expected level of mobility and function (this will depend on the severity of your condition and symptoms before the operation). When you wake up after lumbar decompression surgery, your back may feel sore and you’ll probably be attached to 1 or more tubes.

What is the average cost of laser spine surgery?

However, because of the technology it requires, laser spine surgery can result in higher starting costs, and typically costs $30,000-$90,000 or more. What’s more, unlike traditional spine surgery, which is typically covered by health insurance, patients must often pay most of the cost themselves.

Is laser spine surgery FDA approved?

Despite more than 25 years since the U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of lasers in percutaneous disc decompression7,8, there is a general consensus in the literature that high-quality evidence informing their use is lacking.

Is laser spine surgery painful?

Thanks to technological and medical advances, physicians are now able to treat a number of common back and neck conditions with laser spine surgery, which is often less painful and heals more quickly than traditional open spine surgery.

Is MLS laser therapy worth it?

The MLS laser is effective in encouraging healing after surgery, but it also facilitates quick healing from strains and sprains. It’s also effective in treating superficial injuries such as wounds and ulcers.