Is Frances Langford still alive?

Is Frances Langford still alive?

Deceased (1913–2005)
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When did Frances Langford die?

July 11, 2005
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Frances Langford, a Citrus County native who became a famous singer and actor, died Monday (July 11, 2005) at her home. She was 92. Langford had been ill with congestive heart failure, her lawyer said.

Who owns the yacht Chanticleer?

The yacht was designed by the famed naval architect Jack Hargrave, who began working with Burger Boats in 1957. According to Jon Couch, who today owns Chanticleer, “[She] is one of the most well-known of the Hargrave-designed Burgers,” and was a four-stateroom cruiser laid out in typical Burger fashion.

Who was Frances Langford married to?

Harold Stuartm. 1994–2005
Ralph Evinrudem. 1955–1986Jon Hallm. 1934–1955
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Who did Frances Langford marry?

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She was married three times: to actor Jon Hall, from 1938 to 1955; to Ralph Evinrude, from 1955 until his death in 1986; and to Harold Stuart, assistant secretary of the air force under President Harry Truman, whom she married in 1994 and who survives her.

Was Lily Langford a real person?

Lilly (Harman) Langford (1875 – 1964)

Who was Lilly Langford?

Lillie Langtry (October 13, 1853 – February 12, 1929), was a British music hall singer and stage actress famous for her many stage productions including She Stoops to Conquer, The Lady of Lyons and As You Like It. She was also known for her relationships with nobility, including the Prince of Wales.

Who was Lily Langford?

Lily, aged 15, was a pupil teacher. Lily Harman married John Langford on 29 April 1900 at the Holy Trinity Church, Heath Town. Their marriage certificate recorded John was a bachelor aged 27 and a clerk. His father was named as Thomas Langford, a collier.

What happened Lily Langtry?

Peat was at Langtry’s side during the final days of her life as she died of pneumonia in Monte Carlo. Langtry died in Monaco at dawn, 12 February 1929.

Was Lillie Langtry real?

Emilie Charlotte Langtry (née Le Breton; 13 October 1853 – 12 February 1929), known as Lillie (or Lily) Langtry and nicknamed “The Jersey Lily”, was a British-American socialite, actress and producer. Born on the island of Jersey, upon marrying she moved to London in 1876.

Who played Lily Langford on Laramie?


Character Role Actor
Lily Langford Singer/Carson’s wife Constance Moore
Shanghai Pierce Trail boss George Tobias
Alamo Shanghai’s segundo Harry Lauter
Bea Lily’s companion Patsy Kelly

Did Judge Roy Bean ever meet Lily Langtry?

In 1882, he moved to southwest Texas, where he built his famous saloon, the Jersey Lilly, and founded the hamlet of Langtry. Bean had never met Langtry, but he had developed an abiding affection for the beautiful actress after seeing a drawing of her in an illustrated magazine.

Who was Frances Langford in the Golden Age?

Frances Langford. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Julia Frances Langford (April 4, 1913 – July 11, 2005) was an American singer and entertainer who was popular during the Golden Age of Radio and also made film appearances for over two decades.

Where did Frances Langford go to high school?

Frances grew up in the Mulberry, Florida area, a tiny community near Lakeland. She attended Lakeland High School. Langford originally trained as an opera singer. While a young girl she required a tonsillectomy that changed her soprano range to a rich contralto.

Where did Frances Langford get the biggest laugh?

In his memoir, Don’t Shoot! It’s Only Me!, Bob Hope recalled how Frances Langford got the biggest laugh he had ever heard. At a USO show in the South Pacific, Langford stood up on a stage to sing before a huge crowd of GIs.

What did Julia Langford do for a living?

She was born Julia Frances Langford in Lakeland, Florida, and began singing at an early age and could have conceivably had a career in opera, but her voice was affected by a throat operation. After some stage work, mostly in vaudeville, she established a reputation as a nightclub singer.