What did Southwest Asia trade?

What did Southwest Asia trade?

Particularly important in such trade were fine textiles, silk, gold and other metals, various precious and semiprecious stones, and spices and aromatic products.

Who does Southwest Asia trade with?

Its main trading partners include France, U.S., Saudi Arabia, Japan, Italy, and other European and Southwest Asian countries. Lebanon has 222 km of railways. Its 6,270 km of highways are paved.

How do people living in the desert of southwest Asia make a living?

People (Bedouins – desert nomads) have managed to live in the desert in tent camps and survive as sheep and camel herders.

Why do people live in Southwest Asia?

Although its climate is relatively dry, the area supports high population density because the rivers provide abundant water for irrigating crops. Southwest Asia has metropolises, such as Istanbul, Damascus, Tehran, and Baghdad, that are home to millions of people.

What feature makes trade and travel easier?

The suez canal, persian gulf , strait of hormuz , arabian sea and the red sea make trade easier.

Where do most people live in Southeast Asia?

Describe the impact climate and location has on population distribution in Southern and In Southeast Asia, most people tend to live near the coast and rivers. In India, the Ganges River is considered sacred, so many people live close to the river so they can bathe, wash their clothes, and dump their loved ones’ ashes or bodies into the river.

Why do people live near rivers in Asia?

• Cities are built near rivers to take advantage of the scarce water sources in Southwest Asia. • Access to water for bathing and drinking make the area much easier to live in. • Farmers grow crops by rivers and in river valleys because they provide a source of irrigation.

Why are there trade barriers in Southeast Asia?

Embargo- A trade barrier that restricts all trade between two countries. Most of the countries in Southeast Asia have their own type of currency. In order for them to pay for goods as they trade with each other, they had to establish a system of exchanging from one type of currency to another.

Why is the Middle East important to Southwest Asia?

Because of the large amount of oil found in Southwest Asia, the Middle East has become a very important figure around the world and in politics. The countries with the most oil, such as Saudi Arabia, are able to make a large portion of their money just by selling oil to other countries around the world.