Is 38 Special ammo the same as 38 Super ammo?

Is 38 Special ammo the same as 38 Super ammo?

38 Super is a relatively high pressure auto cartridge, while 38 Special is a black powder era lower pressure revolver cartridge. 38 Super, on the one hand and . 357 Magnum/38 Special, on the other hand, are not interchangeable.

What is the difference between 38 Special and 38 auto?

There’s no difference between a . 38 and a 38 special. The former refers to a caliber with a . 357 inch bullet diameter, while the latter is a cartridge variant under the .

What is the difference between .38 and .38 Super?

38 Special is a rimmed revolver cartridge with a . 357 (9.1 mm) bullet and overall length of 1.55 inch (39 mm). . 38 Super is a rimless cartridge typically used in auto-loading pistols with a slightly smaller bullet at .

Can you shoot 38 Super in a 9mm?

The extractor will work for both 9mm and 38 Super. The semi-rim on the 38 Super is so marginally different than the rimless 9 mm that there’s no functional difference in extractor function.

Why do they call it a 38 Special?

38″ referring to the approximate diameter of the loaded brass case. This came about because the original . 38-caliber cartridge, the . 38 Short Colt, was designed for use in converted .

Can a 38 Special be used on A.38 Super?

This means that you should NOT use a .38 Special on a .38 Super firearm and vice versa. Even if you find that the profile fits perfectly, it’s dangerous to use certain ammo on firearms they’re not designed for.

Why is the 38 Super pistol so popular?

The .38 Super is an easy round to reload and the brass for it lasts a really long time which makes it more affordable in the long run. If it isn’t very popular and can be hard to find guns and ammo for, then why are we even talking about the .38 Super? A few reasons.

How big is a 38 Special caliber bullet?

Specifications: Specifications .38 Super .38 Special Case capacity 1.14 cubic cm 1.53 cubic cm Overall length 1.280 inches 1.55 inches Bullet diameter 0.356 inches 0.357 inches Neck diameter 0.384 inches 0.379 inches

Which is better A.38 Super or a 9mm?

The .38 Super is a fine round for self-defense. It’s similar to a 9mm which is widely accepted as a good self-defense round, with a little extra oomph behind it. However, there are not as many specialty self-defense rounds made in .38 super as compared to 9mm.