What type of invertebrates is a sea cucumber?

What type of invertebrates is a sea cucumber?

Sea cucumbers are a type of marine invertebrate related to the sea urchins and sea stars, collectively known as the echinoderms. Echinoderms are the closest living invertebrate relatives of the vertebrates, so our closest invertebrate cousin might just be a sea cucumber.

Is a sea urchin an arthropods?

Like other echinoderms, urchins have fivefold symmetry as adults, but their pluteus larvae have bilateral (mirror) symmetry, indicating that they belong to the Bilateria, the large group of animal phyla that includes chordates, arthropods, annelids and molluscs.

Is a sea cucumber an invertebrate?

Is a sea cucumber a mollusk?

Sea cucumbers are not mollusks. They belong to a different phylum, or group of animals, known as the Echinodermata, or echinoderms. This group includes seastars, sea urchins and other animals that have five-part radial symmetry as adults.

Is sea cucumber a protist?

Sea Cucumber- Classification. Domain: Eukarya- Domain is the broadest classification of an organism. Domain Eukarya is divided into four kingdoms, Protista, Animalia, Plantae and Fungi. Phylum: Echinodermata- Echinoderms are among the most distinctive of all animal phyla.

Are sea cucumbers cnidarians?

Explanation: These animals are echinoderms , they do not belong to the phylum Cnidaria.

Is a sea cucumber a decomposer?

Other sea creatures classified as decomposers include crustaceans and mollusks, bacteria, fungi, sea cucumbers, starfish, sea urchins, and other kinds of marine worms.

What Kingdom is a sea cucumber?

Sea cucumber/Kingdom

What Kingdom is a sea cucumber in?

What kind of animal is a sea cucumber?

Sea cucumbers are part of a larger animal group called echinoderms, which also contains starfish and sea urchins. Their body shape is similar to a cucumber, but they have small tentacle-like tube feet that are used for locomotion and feeding.

How are sea cucumbers different from other echinoderms?

The anterior end of the animal, containing the mouth, corresponds to the oral pole of other echinoderms (which, in most cases, is the underside), while the posterior end, containing the anus, corresponds to the aboral pole. Thus, compared with other echinoderms, sea cucumbers can be said to be lying on their side.

What kind of vascular system does a sea cucumber have?

Like all echinoderms, sea cucumbers possess both a water vascular system that provides hydraulic pressure to the tentacles and tube feet, allowing them to move, and a haemal system. The latter is more complex than that in other echinoderms, and consists of well-developed vessels as well as open sinuses.

What kind of endoskeleton does a sea cucumber have?

Like all echinoderms, sea cucumbers have an endoskeleton just below the skin, calcified structures that are usually reduced to isolated microscopic ossicles (or sclerietes) joined by connective tissue.