How were the colonist able to beat the trained British soldiers?

How were the colonist able to beat the trained British soldiers?

The guerrilla tactics that Americans had learned during Indian wars proved very effective in fighting the British army. Militia men struck quickly, often from behind trees or fences, then disappeared into the forests.

Why do you think the Continental Army was able to win the war against the British?

With the amount of land that the colonial army had was tremendous. It was impossible for the british to take over all the land, there was so much countryside and they could keep it all under control. The british failed to use the loyalist that lived in the colonies. They could have used them as mini-allies.

How many British soldiers were evacuated from Dunkirk?

Only a few bridgeheads were still held by British, French and Belgian forces. The most important one was Dunkirk. Its defence and, moreover, the evacuation of 338,682 Allied soldiers between 26 May and 4 June under the guns of German tanks, soon became part of British folklore.

How many people died in the British Army during World War 1?

During the war 5,704,400 people in all served in the armed forces. A total of 702,410 people were killed, which represents 12.3% of the soldiers who served. That’s 1.5% of the entire UK population, or one person in every 66 who was killed in the war. Harry Weeks served with the British Army for the entirety of the First World War.

Where did the British troops go after the Battle of Arnhem?

They greeted the arrival of British troops with great joy, but, in the subsequent battle, thousands of them were trapped in the cellars of their homes in Arnhem town and neighbouring Oosterbeek.

Why was Valley Forge important to the Continental Army?

The Continental Army’s transformative experiences at Valley Forge reshaped it into a more unified force capable of defeating the British and winning American independence during the remaining five years of the war. A Discussion the Valley Forge Encampment (4,000 words.