How is a material classified as a semiconductor?

How is a material classified as a semiconductor?

Semiconductors are materials that have properties of both normal conductors and insulators. Semiconductors fall into two broad categories: Intrinsic semiconductors are composed of only one kind of material; silicon and germanium are two examples. These are also called “undoped semiconductors” or “i-type semiconductors.

What are characteristics of semiconductors?

At absolute zero, semiconductors are perfect insulators, The density of electrons in conduction band at room temperature is not as high as in metals, thus cannot conduct current as good as metal. The electrical conductivity of semiconductor is not as high as metal but also not as poor as electrical insulator.

What are the three types of semiconductor materials?

Semiconductor materials Solid-state materials are commonly grouped into three classes: insulators, semiconductors, and conductors. (At low temperatures some conductors, semiconductors, and insulators may become superconductors.)

How are semiconductors similar to insulators and metals?

Semiconductors have conducting properties intermediate to those of insulators and metals. In some cases the semiconductors are insulators, while in others they are metals. Semiconductors share with insulators the property that they have no conduction electrons in a perfect crystal without thermal fluctuations.

What makes a semiconductor a good conductor of electricity?

Semiconductors can conduct electricity under preferable conditions or circumstances. This unique property makes it an excellent material to conduct electricity in a controlled manner as required. Unlike conductors, the charge carriers in semiconductors arise only because of external energy (thermal agitation).

How are compound semiconductors different from silicon semiconductors?

Different semiconductor materials differ in their properties. Thus, in comparison with silicon, compound semiconductors have both advantages and disadvantages. For example, gallium arsenide (GaAs) has six times higher electron mobility than silicon, which allows faster operation; wider band gap,…