Why was the Freeport Doctrine important?

Why was the Freeport Doctrine important?

Southern Demand for a Federal Slave Code (1860) The Freeport Doctrine caused the South to demand a Federal Slave Code. They wanted the Federal Government to guarantee slavery could exist in all territories.

What did the Freeport Doctrine argue?

In the debates, Douglas enunciated his famous “Freeport Doctrine,” which stated that the territories could still determine the existence of slavery through unfriendly legislation and the use of police power, in spite of the Supreme Court decision.

What was the Freeport Doctrine for kids?

FREEPORT DOCTRINE was Stephen Douglas’s doctrine that, in spite of the Dred Scott decision, slavery could be excluded from territories of the United States by local legislation.

What is the Freeport Doctrine quizlet?

Freeport Doctrine. Doctrine developed by Stephen Douglas that said the exclusion of slavery in a territory could be determined by the refusal of the voters to enact any laws that would protect slave property. It was unpopular with Southerners, and thus cost him the election.

What consequences did the Freeport Doctrine have on the candidate who proposed it?

These Southerners subsequently insisted on the Congressional repudiation of the Freeport Doctrine (i.e., the passage of slave codes for the territories), in order to block Douglas’s presidential bid in 1860. This led to the split of the Democratic party in 1860, and Douglas’s loss in the 1860 presidential election.

Where did the Freeport Doctrine come from?

The Freeport Doctrine is derived from Douglas’s response in which he argued that slavery could only exist in places with support from local police regulations. By unequivocally supporting this doctrine, Douglas hurt his chances to achieve victory in 1860.

What was the purpose of the Kansas Nebraska Act quizlet?

The Kansas Nebraska Act was an 1854 bill that mandated popular sovereignty allowing settlers of a territory to decide whether slavery would be allowed whithin a new states border.

What the Freeport Doctrine was and who created it?

Stephen Douglas
The Freeport Doctrine was a political ideology put forward by Stephen Douglas in the 1858 US Senate campaign waged against Abraham Lincoln in Illinois. He stated that new US states coming into the Union should choose by means of popular sovereignty whether they wished to permit slavery.