Why is my TomTom not getting a signal?

Why is my TomTom not getting a signal?

Signal Delay If you are not receiving a signal, it is possible that the unit simply needs a few more moments. The location icon and driving view will turn gray while the TomTom seeks a signal. Leave the GPS sitting in one location for several minutes so that it can locate the necessary satellites.

Why can’t I get a GPS signal on my sat nav?

To get a proper fix of your location, you need to be in the line of sight of at least 3 GPS satellites. Factors such as weather and location can affect the signal strength, so typically when there is an intense weather condition, your sat nav will probably not work, however, that’s where offline maps come in.

What should I do if my TomTom GPS is not working?

1. Charge the device for a minimum of 2 hours. 2. Take it outside under the clear sky and do a soft reset (Press and hold the on/off button till you hear the drum sounds) 3. In exceptional cases, it could take anything between 30-45 min to find a valid GPS signal.

Why is my car charger not working on my TomTom?

The reason for this is because some devices require voltages different than your TomTom, so if you use a device that would supply a higher voltage than your TomTom, it could damage it. Your best bet would be somewhere like Best Buy…they should have the correct car charger for your TomTom.

Why is my TomTom ONE XL not turning on?

Unit starts UP and shows logo screen, and then freezes or shows error message. The most common fault occurs when the old battery cannot hold enough charge, and the GPS does not turn ON. Replacing the battery usually solves the problem some of the time.

When does a TomTom battery need to be replaced?

If it is under a year old, TomTom will replace the battery under warranty. If it is over a year old, they will replace it for a fee or I can help get the resources you need in order for you to swap it out yourself quite a bit cheaper.