Why is industrial catering important?

Why is industrial catering important?

Industrial catering refers more to shops and factories where food is made to primarily serve the needs of the employees. It is important to keep employees happy by providing them tasty, nutritious, and a variety of food. – The food is served in dining halls, often referred to as cafeterias or employee dining halls.

What are the importance of catering?

Catering is important as a large part of any event or party revolves around food. The food you present to your guests can either make or break your event, hence investing in a catering company is the best way out.

What are the types of industrial catering?


  • Profit oriented – commercial canteens, restaurants, café, etc.
  • Running on break-even – industrial canteens, college canteens catering to staff requirements only.
  • Subsidized – serving meals as a part of employee/ student welfare schemes.

What is the meaning of catering industry?

The catering industry is comprised of businesses that provide food, beverages and other services to a variety of clients, usually for special events. A caterer might be part of a restaurant or have his or her own business.

How can run industrial catering?

  1. Make a proper catering business plan. The first thing is to find your catering niche.
  2. Decide on your budget & capital source. The next step is to decide on your budget & source of capital.
  3. Decide on the equipment & suppliers.
  4. Get your permits & licenses.
  5. Hire adequate manpower.
  6. Market your brand.

What is industrial catering mention its salient features?

The provision of food and beverages to ‘people at work,’ in industries and factories at highly subsidised rates is called industrial catering. It is based on the assumption that better fed employees at concessional rates are happy and more productive.

What is the role of catering in hospitality industry?

Catering and food service industry plays an important role in the promotion of local food features and culture of tourism destination through providing catering products and services for tourists. These food service groups provide a fast catering and food service for the consumers all over the world.

How can one run industrial catering?

A Step By Step Guide To Start A Business In Food Catering

  1. i) Make A Proper Business Plan And Finalize Your Niche.
  2. ii) Get To Know About Your Kitchen Area And Rent!
  3. iii) Sort Out The Sources Of Your Capital.
  4. iv) Get The Most Important Equipment First!
  5. v) Find Out Your Source Vendors For Your Catering Supplies.

What are the different aspects of the catering industry?

The catering industry includes buffet foods. Corporate catering is another aspect of the catering industry. These caterers are skilled at working with large crowds and the needs of corporate clients. Events such as company picnics, holiday celebrations or functions held to entertain clients all might be handled by a corporate caterer.

What do institutional and industrial catering companies do?

Mostly Institutional and industrial catering are non-profit oriented. Cyclic menu for regular meals and limited choice in canteens. Nutritional requirements are kept in mind while planning the menu. Reasonable prices consistent with the service offered.

What is the scope of the hospitality industry?

Unit 1: The hospitality Industry THE SIZE, SCOPE AND DIVERSITY OF HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY The scope of the hospitality industry refers to the range of businesses that provide services and facilities. The hospitality economy is one of the country’s key industries with huge growth prospects in jobs.

When do you need to use a caterer?

Caters may handle the food service at small parties such as wedding receptions or large corporate events such as conference luncheons. Some restaurants also have a catering component. Many times, individuals enjoy the restaurant’s food so much that they want the same food to be served at an event they are hosting.