Why do the boys destroy Mr Thomas House?

Why do the boys destroy Mr Thomas House?

In order to maintain his status in the group, T has to suggest something serious and explain why he went in the house. The boys are bored, and jaded. They amuse themselves by destroying the house because they are there, and it is there.

Is T evil in The Destructors?

He characterizes Trevor as not an entirely evil person. Trevor is somewhat evil since that he came up with the plan to destroy Mr. Thomas ‘s house, which he could have avoided if he chose not to do.

Who is the antagonist in The Destructors?

Mr. Thomas: Mr. Thomas is the most obvious choice as antagonist, because the boys attempt to circumvent his authority by destroying his house and locking him in the outhouse.

Who is Mr Thomas The Destructors?

Mr. Thomas is an old man who worked as a decorator and builder when he was younger, before World War 2. He lives in a beautiful old house that survived the bombing of the war, and is deeply proud of it.

Why does Trevor burn the money?

The boys burn the money because they claim they aren’t thieves. Trevor didn’t want to steal from Mr. Thomas. He just wanted to destroy the house so that it was like everyone else’s.

What does t do with Old Misery’s money?

Trevor burns Old Misery’s money instead of keeping it because he doesn’t want to be a thief.

What does Old Misery’s house symbolize?

Old Misery’s stately home stands as a symbol of a bygone age, an age of elegance and nobility. The home is a representation of a vanishing heritage, one unceremoniously swept away by the Second World War.

Why does Trevor say there’d be no fun if he hated Mr Thomas?

“There’d be no fun if I hated him.” Trevor does not hate Mr. Thomas but does perhaps act out of dislike for what Mr. Thomas’ house stands for: tradition, hierarchy, a higher social class.

Why is Trevor called T in The Destructors?

Trevor, also known as T., takes over the gang from Blackie. At first, they do not make fun of him even though everything about him means they usually would. This is one of the reasons his name gets shortened to T. He never wasted a word even to tell his name until that was required of him by the rules.

Why is Trevor the protagonist in The Destructors?

Why is Trevor the protagonist in the destructors? Protagonist: T/Trevor: He is a round character because we learn quite a bit about his personality. He is also a static character because he does not change throughout the story. Antagonist: The House: Although it is not a person, the house is the force that opposes T.

What are Trevor’s reasons for wanting to destroy Mr Thomas House?

Trevor didn’t want to steal from Mr. Thomas. He just wanted to destroy the house so that it was like everyone else’s.

What are t’s actual motives?

What are T.’s actual motives? Support your answer with details from the story. (Your reading notes will help.) His motive was to make everything else around the house look like it was bombed.