Why do plugs have a plastic case?

Why do plugs have a plastic case?

What is the purpose of the plastic 13 Amp plug pin protector? Initially it is to protect the electrical appliance from damage in transit. Packed with a plastic cased appliance the plug pins could scratch or break an appliance in transit if allowed to come into close contact with it.

Why are switches and plug tops made of plastic?

Plastics are poor conductor of electricity and resistant to heat, so they do not allow the electric current to pass through them making them safe to handle. So they are used to make electric switches and plugs.

Are plastic plug covers safe?

The use of covers negates existing safety measures in the form of protective shutters, exposing the live electrical contacts. Covers can come loose or be easily removed by children, resulting in risk of electrocution. Covers can also damage the socket, which may lead to overheating and risk of fire.

Are plastic outlet covers safe?

Many plastic outlet plugs break off in the outlets. They may not fit securely in old outlet covers. You may forget to reinstall them after using the outlet. Loose plastic outlet covers are a choking hazard.

What would happen if we make electric switches with plastics?

Answer: suppose if electric switches are made by thermoplastics it is a good conductor of heat when these are heated they lost their shape.So the electric equipment will be destroyed and may lead to electric shock.

Why you shouldn’t use plug covers?

Are plug socket covers necessary?

‘You don’t need (plug socket cover) to make it safe’, he said. He says placing a prong into the top pin can open up the live socket, therefore exposing children to a 230V current. ‘In fact, what you are actually doing, is giving your child a tool that will allow them to open up the live conductors’, said Mr Palmer.

Are outlet plug covers necessary?

All wall outlets should have plastic covers to prevent debris from interfering with the sockets. Covering your outlets will also prevent pets and small children from accidentally shocking themselves. Even if an outlet isn’t working, you should still make sure it’s covered.

Why do you need outlet covers?

Box outlet covers protect the entire outlet. They can be left attached even when the outlet’s in use, and they can be easily removed to re-expose the outlet when needed. Box covers are a good alternative to plastic plugs or sliding outlets because they protect the entire outlet and secure to the wall.

Why are switches made of plastic and not metal?

Switches are made up of plastics or bakelite and non metals because plastics are bad conductor of electricity so they will protect us from shock and metals are good conductor of electricity so they will produce shock to our body..

What would happen if we do not discover plastics?

if plastics were not discovered, it will be difficult for the transportation of goods. We would be more dependent on metal or glass or wooden or papers for the storing and preserving the goods which would be costly. Glass is not durable as compared to plastics and metal and wood are limited for us.