Why did the student not show up a school the next day in holes?

Why did the student not show up a school the next day in holes?

One day Miss Katherine asks Sam to fix the hole in the schoolhouse roof in exchange for some of her spiced peaches. Sam fixes the roof and he and Miss Katherine enjoy their conversations about poetry and other things. Sam cannot attend school because he is black.

Why do boys go to Camp Green Lake in holes?

Boys who have committed crimes are sent to Camp Green Lake. The boys are supposed to dig holes at the camp in the hopes that they will build character and abide by the law.

What happened to the schoolhouse in holes?

The next morning – after the big kiss – Katherine is sitting alone in the schoolhouse when a mob, led by Trout Walker, comes storming into the building. They say awful things to Katherine, turn over desks, pull books off of shelves, and generally destroy the place.

Why weren’t there any fences around Camp Green Lake?

Camp Green Lake doesn’t have fences because if anyone tried to escape they would never stay alive because Camp Green Lake has the only water for a hundred miles. 6. What were the requirements for hole digging? The requirements for hole digging was that each day you must dig one hole.

Why did Katherine become an outlaw?

Barlow became an infamous outlaw after Sam’s death in 1904, killing multiple men and leaving a kiss on their cheek. She robbed numerous banks in Texas and several individuals including Stanley Yelnats IV (Caveman)’s ancestor, Stanley Yelnats I, but she didn’t kill him, she left him in the desert to die.

Why do vacancies not last long at Camp Green Lake?

In the novel, “HOLES” by Louis Sachar, it states, “Vacancies don’t last long at Camp Green Lake.” (p. 145). This means that openings at Camp Green Lake do not last long, and there is always someone new filling in an open spot.

Why did Kate Barlow become an outlaw?

Why are they digging holes?

Stanley and the other boys at the camp are forced to dig large holes in the dirt every day. Stanley eventually realizes that they are digging these holes because the Warden is searching for something.