Why did Sonny With a Chance change to So Random?

Why did Sonny With a Chance change to So Random?

It was later changed to So Random!. Sonny has been in the most sketches since the start of Sonny With a Chance. In 2011, due to Demi Lovato’s recent rehab check-in, Sonny was written out and replaced with Chad Dylan Cooper for reasons yet to be explained and hasn’t mentioned his lead role on Mackenzie Falls.

What’s the difference between So Random and Sonny With a Chance?

Without its title character, Sonny With a Chance was overhauled into So Random! Just like it was portrayed on Sonny With a Chance, the new Disney Channel series acted as a sketch comedy show with musical guests.

Is So Random a spin-off of Sonny With a Chance?

The spin-off to Sonny with a Chance, So Random! is a musical sketch comedy continuing some of the sketches on the original show while introducing new sketches with a new repertory cast.

Why is it called Sonny With a Chance?

The main character’s name was later changed to Sonny Munroe, and the show’s title was changed for a final time to Sonny with a Chance. The name is a play on the words “Sunny with a chance of rain”, as heard in weather forecasts, reflecting the many comical situations in which the cast find themselves in each episode.

Why does Sonny leave So Random?

In a new interview with Bustle, Lovato revealed the real reason why she decided not to return to star in the Disney series Sonny With a Chance after a 2010 altercation with a backup dancer spurred her to leave the show and undergo her first stint in rehab.

What was the last episode of Sonny with a chance?

“Sonny with a Choice” is the penultimate episode of Sonny With a Chance . Nico and Grady are watching a smackdown game when Sonny changes it to Channel 2. The TV shows that So Random! and MacKenzie Falls are both nominated for “Best Tween Show” in the Tween Choice Awards.

How did Sonny with a chance get to Mackenzie Falls?

In the episode ” Sonny at the Falls “, Sonny was briefly a part of the MacKenzie Falls cast. This happened after she pitched an idea for a sketch to her castmates, but it was rejected, so they left her all alone at a table. Chad then came over and took her to “The Falls” to see how much better MacKenzie Falls is.

When did the show So Random come out?

So Random! is a sketch comedy television series which began as a show-within-a-show (see Sonny With a Chance) and premiered as its own show June 5, 2011.