Why are some of my sent text messages light blue and some dark blue?

Why are some of my sent text messages light blue and some dark blue?

This is the way Android Messages indicates whether the message is being sent via RCS or SMS/MMS protocols. The darker messages are RCS.

What does blue text mean on Android?

If a message appears in a blue bubble, it means the message was sent via Advanced Messaging. A teal bubble indicates a message sent via SMS or MMS.

What do blue text messages mean Samsung?

The messages app scans your contacts and connects to your your carrier database and determines how many of your contacts are using RCS capable phones and their RCS network infrastructure. It marks the contacts with a blue dot if they have met the requirements for sending and receiving messages in chat mode.

What does it mean when the text bubble turns blue?

Message with blue bubbles are sent via the iMessage instant messaging protocol—a messaging platform specific to Apple devices. If you’re communicating with any device that doesn’t use iMessage—like an Android phone, or an iPhone that doesn’t have iMessage turned on—you’ll see green messages.

Why are my text bubbles different colors?

Short answer: Blue ones have been sent or received using Apple’s iMessage technology, while green ones are “traditional” text messages exchanged via Short Messaging Service, or SMS.

What do the different colors on text messages mean?

Trusted Member. It’s the enhanced messages option. One colour will determine it was sent via standard SMS whereas the other will show it’s been sent through the internet instead. Tap on each colour and see which one says delivered.

What color should my text messages be?

If your iPhone messages are green, it means that they’re being sent as SMS text messages rather than as iMessages, which appear in blue. iMessages only work between Apple users. You’ll always see green when writing to Android users, or when you’re not connected to the internet.

Why are some of my texts green and some blue Samsung?

This is signified by the blue bubble that the conversations are housed in. And iMessages are encrypted from end-to-end. The green bubble means that the conversation is being handled as a SMS or a text message.

What is the blue text bubble on iPhone?

iMessages are texts, photos, or videos that you send to another iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac over Wi-Fi or cellular-data networks. These messages are always encrypted and appear in blue text bubbles. To turn iMessage on or off, go to Settings > Messages.

What do different color text bubbles mean on iPhone?

Apple ® uses different colored message bubbles to indicate whether a message is sent via iMessage ® (blue) or standard SMS/MMS (green). iMessage is an Apple service that allows unlimited messaging to other iOS 5 and higher devices.

What does it mean when a text message has a blue background?

Blue Background When your text message has a blue background, it means that your message exchange happened via iMessage and that you sent or received your message to and from another iOS device.

Why do I See Green message bubble on iMessage?

If you see a green message bubble If you see a green message bubble instead of a blue one, then that message was sent using MMS/SMS instead of iMessage. There are several reasons for this: The person that you sent the message to doesn’t have an Apple device.

What do the blue bubbles on my iPhone mean?

Let’s look at what the colored bubbles mean in your iPhone’s Messages app, along with the differences between the services they represent. Your iPhone’s Messages app actually combines two different types of messages into one: iMessage and SMS. iMessage is Apple’s proprietary messaging system, which appear as blue bubbles.

Can you send green bubbles on an iPhone?

As an iPhone owner, you’ll send SMS (green bubbles) when you message someone with an Android device or a basic phone. Because of its age, SMS has some limitations compared to iMessage. Messages can only be 160 characters, meaning that longer messages will split up into multiple parts.