Who won the WWE superstar?

After 12 Years, Big E Finally Wins the WWE Championship: ‘It Was a Spiritual Experience’

Who is the wrestler of the year?

Wrestler of the Year

Year Winner Runner-up
2017 A.J. Styles (2) Kazuchika Okada
2018 A.J. Styles (3) Kenny Omega
2019 Adam Cole Chris Jericho
2020 Jon Moxley Bayley

Who was the WWE Superstar of the year in 2020?

The SLAMMY award for Overall Superstar of the Year went to the current WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre. 2020 was the most successful year in the career of Drew McIntyre.

When did the Girl Wrestler of the Year award end?

Originally known as Girl Wrestler of the Year, it was rendered defunct in 1976 and its history would be subsumed into the current award when women were again bestowed their own category in 2000. It was again abandoned in 2020, and several female wrestlers were nominated for Wrestler of the Year.

Who is the only wrestler to win the Most Hated Wrestler award?

Rob Van Dam is the only wrestler to win the award as a heel (villain). In 2019, Becky Lynch became the first woman to win the award. The PWI Most Hated Wrestler of the Year award typically recognizes the most effective heel (villainous) professional wrestler of the year.

How many times has Ric Flair won the WWE Award?

Ric Flair has won the award a record six times, and remains the only wrestler with more than three wins; he also established the record for most consecutive wins with three from 1984 to 1986, with AJ Styles later tying that record in 2016-2018. Since 2020, female wrestlers have been included in this category.