Who won the Jugurthine war?

Who won the Jugurthine war?

Jugurthine War
Date 112–106 BC Location Numidia Result Numidian victory Territorial changes Mauretania given some Numidian territory
Roman Republic Numidia
Commanders and leaders

When was cirta founded?

Although Numidia was a key ally of the ancient Roman Republic during the Punic Wars (264–146 BC), Cirta was subject to Roman invasions during the 2nd and 1st centuries BC….Cirta.

Detail of Triumph of Neptune and Amphitrite ( c. 315-325), a vast Roman mosaic from Cirta. Now in the Louvre
Shown within Algeria
Location Algeria

Why did the Jugurthine war start?

The Jugurthine War (112-106 BCE) was a conflict between the Roman Republic and its former ally, the North African kingdom of Numidia. The war was sparked when a co-ruler of Numidia, Jugurtha, began killing his cousins and seizing power.

When was the Battle of Trebia?

December 18, 218 BC
Battle of the Trebia/Start dates

Was Hannibal a Numidian?

Numidian cavalry was a type of light cavalry developed by the Numidians. After they were used by Hannibal during the Second Punic War, they were described by the Roman historian Livy as “by far the best horsemen in Africa.”

How was Jugurtha captured?

Metellus is elected consul and sent to prosecute war with Jugurtha. Marius replaces Metellus as commander. Jugurtha is captured in an ambush with the help of Sulla. Jugurtha was presented in triumph of Marius.

Where is Constantine today?

Constantine is located in the north African country of Algeria. It is the capital city of the Constantine Province – which is found in the North East.

Who conquered Dacia?

the Roman Empire
Abstract. Dacian Kingdom was conquered by the Roman Empire after the two expeditions of Trajan (Ad 101/102; 105/106). In Trajan’s time was organized as single province with an important military presence (three legions).