Who sang on The L Word?

Who sang on The L Word?

The L Word
Opening theme “The L Word” performed by Betty (seasons 2–6)
Composer Elizabeth Ziff
Country of origin United States Canada
Original language English

What song does Sophie sing to Finley?

Despite having a voice which she earlier said was made for singing only in the shower, Sophie declares her love by singing Tegan and Sara’s “Closer,” paving the way for her and Finley to finally, and officially, get together. Alice, too, decides to take a risk and asks Tom to dance with her — and not as a friend.

DID The L Word get Cancelled?

Last Episode Leaves Many Fans Disappointed. Last night, The L Word finished its six year run on Showtime. It was announced 12 months ago that the series was coming to an end so many viewers were expecting the series finale to be well-crafted and satisfying.

What does The L Word stand for?

‘The L Word’ Stands For ‘Love,’ Jennifer Beals Says of Showtime Series’ ‘Generation Q’ Return.

Is there a Season 7 of The L Word?

The revival/sequel/Season 7, set to premiere at the end of 2019, will be executive produced by Marja-Lewis Ryan (The Four-Faced Liar, 6 Balloons) who is acting as showrunner; creator Ilene Chaiken, and stars Jennifer Beals, Katherine Moennig and Leisha Hailey are also serving as EPs.

Was Gloria Steinem in The L Word?

Gloria Steinem: season 2, episode 13 Gloria Steinem playing herself on The L Word. Before Bette can answer, Steinem does so herself, telling Bette and Kit that she and Mr. Porter were friends.

Does Sophie choose Dani or Finley?

Viewers quickly learned that Sophie Suarez (Rosanny Zayas) chose Dani Núñez (Arienne Mandi) over Finley (Jacqueline Toboni), resolving the cliffhanger from the season 1 finale.

Does Sophie get with Finley?

The two were set to marry in the season 2 premiere, but the ceremony was interrupted by Finley, who admitted to having feelings for Sophie. Soon after Dani called off their relationship, Sophie and Finley wound up getting together.

Why did Bette and Tina get divorced?

By the time of Generation Q, set over ten years after Jenny’s death, Bette and Tina have separated again. Dialogue reveals that at some point, Bette and Tina eventually got married, but got divorced after Tina fell in love with another woman, Carrie.

Is there a season 7 for the L word?