Who ruled after narmer in Egypt?

Who ruled after narmer in Egypt?

Reign c. 3150 BC (1st Dynasty)
Predecessor Ka
Successor Hor-Aha
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Was there any Pharaohs after Cleopatra?

She was succeeded by another woman named Berenice IV. In 55 B.C., with the support of the Romans, Ptolemy XII was put back on the throne and took his 17-year-old daughter Cleopatra (VII) as his co-ruler.

Who overthrew the pharaohs?

the Roman Empire
The Pharaohs were overthrown by the Roman Empire. The Roman troops, led by Octavian, defeated the Egyptians in the Battle of Actium in 30 B.C.E. …

Who was the last native Pharaoh?

Nectanebo II
Nectanebo II, (flourished 4th century bce), third and last king (reigned 360–343 bce) of the 30th dynasty of Egypt; he was the last of the native Egyptian kings. Nectanebo, with the aid of the Spartan king Agesilaus II, usurped the throne from Tachos.

Is there still Egyptian royalty?

The monarchy was abolished on 18 June 1953 following the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 and the establishment of a republic.

When did Shabaka become the king of Egypt?

Shabaka. He ruled Egypt from about 719/718 to 703 bce. Succeeding his brother Piye, in Kush (in modern Sudan), Shabaka moved north, captured Bocchoris, the second king of the 24th dynasty, and, according to tradition, burned him alive. He probably made Memphis, near Cairo, his capital and adopted the titles of the traditional Egyptian pharaohs.

Who was the pharaoh after shebiktu’s death?

After Shebiktu’s death and burial in a grave similar to his father’s, pharaoh Shabaka took over. Over the years, there have been claims that Shebiktu and Shabaka ruled together in a co-regency but recent evidence indicated otherwise. Shabaka ruled until 69oBC when the reign was taken over by Taharqa.

Who was the Black Pharaoh of Lower Egypt?

Taharqa, “The Black Pharaoh” focuses on a particular chapter in the history of Egypt: from around 750 BCE and in the century that followed, the Nubian rulers upset this balance, seizing the power of Egypt. When Shabaka conquered Lower Egypt and became Nubian king, he was accompanied by his nephew Taharqa, who was about age 20.

Who was the father of the Assyrian king Shabaka?

Shabaka is thought to be the son of King Kashta and Pebatjma, although a text from the time of Taharqa could be interpreted to mean that Shabaka was a brother of Taharqa and hence a son of Piye. Shabaka’s Queen Consort was Qalhata, according to Assyrian records, a sister of Taharqa.