Who is Yudhisthira Favourite wife?

Who is Yudhisthira Favourite wife?

Although Yudhishthira had another wife named Devika, Draupadi was his chief consort as well as the empress. Yudhishthira was married to Devika in a self-choice marriage ceremony, arranged by her father Govasena, who was the king of Sivi Kingdom. They had a son, Yaudheya.

Who is real Brahmin according to Yudhisthira?

” According to Yudhistira, as asserted in Shanti Parva of Mahabharata, a Brahmin is one who is truthful, patient and compassionate. The Sudra who can hold steadfast in spiritual practices such as integrity, forbearance, justice and the like can reach brahminhood, says Mahabharata.

Why doesn’t Yudhisthira go to heaven without the dog?

God Indra offers Yudhishthira to jump into his chariot to enter heaven, but without the dog. Yudhishthira refuses because he claims he cannot betray and abandon his friend, the dog.

Why does vidura speak against the game of dice?

Answer: As per Mahabharata, Vidura tried to stop the dice game and warned Yudhisthira about the foul play ahead. Vidura and Vikarna also supported Draupadi and pointed out Duryadhan ill-treating her was morally wrong. Vidura was truly an embodiment of Dharma!!

Who was the cleverest among Pandavas?

Special Skills

  • Wisdom: Sahadeva had the most knowledge among his brothers; of the past, present, and the future.
  • Astrology: It is said that he was a great astrologer and he even knew about everything including the Mahabharata battle beforehand.

Who was vidur in previous birth?

Vidura was Yamaraj, the superintendent of death in his previous birth. Yamaraj had committed a mistake by punishing a sage for killing an ant in his childhood innocently. This sage is Manduka Muni or Mandavya Muni.

Why was Yudhisthira important in the Mahabharata?

He is known for his unflinching attitude towards truth and moral duty. One such incidence which depicts Yudhisthira’s prowess and knowledge of Dharma (Moral Duty) is “Yaksha Prashna”. – The story goes that during their exile, Pandavas came across a Brahmin whose “Arani” (wooden blocks to light fire) were stolen by a deer.

What did Yudhisthira say about a true bath?

1. Yudhisthira: “A true bath consists in washing the mind clean of all impurities”. 2. Yudhisthira: “Charity consists in protecting all creatures”. 3. Yudhisthira: “Desire is due to objects of possession”. 4.

Who was the Brahmin who cursed Yudhishthira to die?

Once a Brahmin rishi, Kindama and his wife were enjoying nature in the forest when Yudhishthira’s father Pandu accidentally shot at them, mistaking them for deer. Before dying, Kindama cursed the king to die when he engages in intercourse with any woman.

What are the duties and goals of a Brahman?

Here are some quotes about duties, goals and conduct required to be a Brahmana. Serenity, control of the sense, austerity, purity, straight-forwardness, knowledge, insight, and faith in the Supreme Being – these are a Brahman’s duties born of his own nature. [Gita 18.42]