Who is the hoodlum in the outsiders?

Who is the hoodlum in the outsiders?


Term stupor Definition a condition of the mind in which the senses or feelings are dulled After Ponyboy was hit in the head, he was in a stupor, and could not think clearly.
Term hoodlum Definition gangster or member of a gang The Greaser boys were proud that they were known as hoodlums.

Who is the biggest hero in the outsiders?

Ponyboy is a hero because he is courageous and not afraid to rescue and help people in their times of need. One main reason why Ponyboy is a hero is that when school children are stuck in a fire Ponyboy runs in to rescue them.

What does Johnny give to the nurse for ponyboy?

Johnny gave the nurse to give to Pony was the book Gone with the Wind.

What does idolized mean in the outsiders?

Terms in this set (10) idolized pg.138. adored, worshiped.

Why didn’t Johnny and Ponyboy take Dally’s advice?

Why didn’t they take Ponyboy’s advice? Johnny and Ponyboy acted like heroes because they ran back to the church to save the children. They sort of felt like it was there fault the fire started. They risked there lives even though Dally told them the roof was collapsing.

How did dally save Johnny?

Ponyboy starts to go back in for Johnny, but Dally clubs him across the back and knocks him out. When Ponyboy wakes, he is in an ambulance, accompanied by one of the schoolteachers, Jerry Wood. The teacher tells him that his back caught on fire and that the jacket he was wearing, which Dally lent him, saved his life.

What message did Johnny leave in his book?

Johnny’s main message to Ponyboy is one of hope. He reminds Ponyboy of a Robert Frost poem in which the author says, “Nature’s first green is gold.” Johnny doesn’t mind that he gave his life to save the children from the burning church, because children still see the world with hope.

What did Dally say to Johnny in the Outsiders?

“Johnny,” Dally said in a pleading, high voice, using a tone I had never heard from him before, “Johnny, I ain’t mad at you. I just don’t want you to get hurt. You don’t know what a few months in jail can do to you.

Who are the true family in the Outsiders?

The greasers are his true family, and they regard him as a little brother. Johnny’s courageous acts and words, as well as his premature death, inspire Ponyboy to write about his experiences and to pursue a better path in his life. The The Outsiders quotes below are all either spoken by Johnny Cade or refer to Johnny Cade.

Who is Johnny Cade in the Outsiders book?

Johnny Cade Character Analysis. The second youngest of the greasers. Johnny is 16, a close friend to Ponyboy, and beloved by the entire gang. He comes from an abusive and neglectful home, and he spends as little time there as possible.

Who was affected by Johnny’s death in the Outsiders?

Johnny’s death everyone in the gang gets really sad but no one ever expected Dallas Winston, the toughest of them all to be so affected by it.