Who is the fastest QB to 100 TDs?

Who is the fastest QB to 100 TDs?

Russell Wilson
500 with an understated 149-yard outing against the San Francisco 49ers, quarterback sensation Russell Wilson became the fastest QB to 100-career wins. Wilson achieved his 100th win in the fourth game of his 10th season— a 28-21 victory against the division-rival 49ers.

What QB has thrown the most TDs?

NFL History – Touchdown Pass Leaders

Touchdown Pass Leaders
2 Drew Brees 571
3 Peyton Manning 539

Who was the fastest QB to 300 TDs?

Aaron Rodgers
The fastest was Aaron Rodgers, who reached 300 career touchdown passes in his 144th career game. The others to get to 300 touchdown passes faster than Stafford were Peyton Manning (155 games), Dan Marino (157 games), Tom Brady (161 games), Drew Brees (161 games) and Brett Favre (167 games).

How many quarterbacks have thrown 50 touchdowns in a season?

Top 25 Single Season Passing Touchdown Seasons

Rank Player TD
1 Peyton Manning (1/3) 55
2 Tom Brady (1/3) 50
Patrick Mahomes (1/2)
4 Peyton Manning (2/3) 49

Who has most touchdown passes in 2020?


Rk Player TD
1 Deshaun Watson* 33
2 Patrick Mahomes* 38
3 Tom Brady 40
4 Matt Ryan 26

Who has the most passing touchdowns for 2020?

Aaron Rodgers had the most passing touchdowns in 2020, with 48 touchdowns.

How many TD does Tom Brady have?

In addition to boosting his regular-season career TD pass total to 602, the 44-year-old Brady has now thrown at least 20 TD passes in a season a record 19 times. He’s followed on the list by Drew Brees (17), Peyton Manning (16), Philip Rivers (15) and Brett Favre (15), who are all retired.

Who has the most pass touchdowns in NFL history?

Tom Brady
Before the greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady, started his NFL career, Dan Marino led the passing touchdown record with 420, and Drew Brees led the passing yards record with 80,358.

How many TD does Tom Brady have this season?

Tom Brady has 25 passing touchdowns this season.

How many passing touchdowns Does Tom Brady have?

Brady now has 29 more touchdowns than Drew Brees, who is second all time with 571 touchdown passes. Peyton Manning (539) and Brett Favre (508) are the only other quarterbacks with at least 500 career touchdown passes. Aaron Rodgers is currently fifth all time with 427 touchdown passes.

Who has highest QB rating of all time?

All-Time Passer Rating

1 Aaron Rodgers 104.93
2 Steve Young* 96.81
3 Tom Brady 96.62
4 Peyton Manning 95.71
5 Tony Romo 95.62

What quarterback has the most touchdowns in 2021?

Tom Brady has the most passing touchdowns by a quarterback this season, with 21 touchdowns.

Tom Brady 2021 6.9
Matthew Stafford 2021 7.9
Patrick Mahomes 2021 6.5
Aaron Rodgers 2021 6.6

Who was the NFL quarterback with the most passing touchdowns?

What Quarterback Had The Most Passing Touchdowns? Aaron Rodgers led the league in passing touchdowns with 48. He had a 9.1 touchdown percentage and won the 2020 MVP. Rodgers posted one of his best seasons in quite some time and showed he isn’t near the end.

Who are the leading quarterbacks in NFL history?

Leaders 1 Tom Brady 2 Drew Brees 3 Philip Rivers 4 Aaron Rodgers 5 Ben Roethlisberger 6 Matt Ryan 7 Matthew Stafford 8 Russell Wilson 9 Joe Flacco 10 Ryan Fitzpatrick

Are there season long stats for quarterbacks in football?

Season-long numbers are available, as well as options to narrow down to the last five or last three. Whether you are studying up for fantasy or arguing with your friends, the QB stats here are all you need.

How to find the most efficient quarterback in fantasy football?

Sort by attempts and yards to find your high volume aerial attacks. Completion% and quarterback rating can lead you to the more efficient quarterbacks in the game. With fantasy football being driven from passing games, stats like 300+ yard games, and yards per attempt are important.