Who is stronger Dr Doom or Magneto?

Who is stronger Dr Doom or Magneto?

Generally speaking magneto is more powerful however doom wins due to plot armor and design. it’s like batman fighting Wonder Woman. He shouldn’t win but he does. That’s doom.

Who would win Dr Doom or Thor?

Thor’s raw physical strength alone would give him victory over Doom, and Mjolnir’s magic is usually above anything Doom can handle. But during the Secret Wars, Doom has the power of the Beyonders (or Beyonder), meaning he could easily defeat just about anyone in the multiverse.

Is Wolverine useless against Magneto?

Wolverine might be a badass, but he was horrifically rendered useless when Magneto manipulated and ripped the adamantium off of his skeleton.

Can Batman beat Dr Doom?

1 Would Lose To: Batman Of all other heroes in the DC universe, Batman may be the only human who can rival Doom in terms of intelligence. While he certainly can’t measure up to the likes of Zatanna, Bruce’s understanding of magic still allows him to combat it, which would definitely come in handy against Dr. Doom.

Can Avengers beat Magneto?

Magneto rarely fights the Avengers, and when he does, it usually doesn’t go too well for them. While he usually lets them get by with a warning, he’s rarely actually beaten them. He’s only fought Iron Man once by himself, during Avengers Vs X-Men, and Iron Man was able to survive the battle because he was prepared.

Can Hulk beat Dr Doom?

Originally Answered: Who would win, Hulk vs Doctor Doom? In brute force the original marvel comic incredible Hulk wins. With a well thought out planning the original marvel comic Dr Doom wins✋ down.

Can Dr Doom beat Superman?

Overall, Doom does surprisingly well against Superman. His high-tech inventions frequently come close to defeating the Man of Steel — with only his quick-thinking saving him the first time, and a last-minute save by Spider-Man rescuing him during his second encounter with Doom.