Who are the characters in the myth Medusa?

Who are the characters in the myth Medusa?

Meet the Cast

  • Perseus. Perseus is one the most famous of all Greek heroes and he’s still popular today.
  • Medusa. Monster MadnessMedusa is the monstrous lady whose head Perseus chops off.
  • Danae. Danae is Perseus’ lovely mother.
  • Polydectes.
  • Athena.
  • The Graeae.
  • The Nymphai.

Who are Medusa’s friends?

Family & Friends (& Enemies)

Parents Phorkys and Keto, or maybe Gorgo and Keto
Friends My sister Gorgons, Euryale and Stheno Anyone who hates Athena, including Arachne and the Crow
Enemies Athena, who turned me into a monster Poseidon, who got me into this monster mess to begin with Perseus, who beheaded me

Who are the main characters in Medusa and Perseus?

Perseus: The main character in this epic, who is sent to kill Medusa. He received help from Athena and Hermes who gave Perseus a sword, a mirrored shield, and winged sandals, these gifts were used to escapes Medusas sisters. Perseus turned to Atlas for help and when denied the guest- friendship bond, Perseus turned Atlas into stone.

What did Athena do to Medusa’s head?

(12) In Ovid’s version of the story, Athena curses Medusa with a horrifying countenance and snakes for hair, then assists Perseus on his quest to cut off Medusa’s head.

Who are the children of Medusa in Greek mythology?

The Birth of Medusa’s Children, Chrysaor and Pegasus After completing his labours, Perseus returned Athena her aegis and also gave her Medusa’s head. What few knew was that Medusa carried Poseidon’s divine seed and from her blood, Chrysaor was born — the warrior of the golden sword.

How is Medusa related to the three Gorgons?

The original Ancient Greek myths describe Medusa as the only mortal sister out of three Gorgons. She also had the name Gorgo, and like her sisters, she was born with a monstrous appearance: Snake hair, a terrible face that struck fear into the heart of anyone who looked at them, wings, and a reptilian body were featured by all three sisters.