Which solvent is used in dewaxing of lube oil?

Which solvent is used in dewaxing of lube oil?

Removal of the wax from the lubricating base oil is necessary for the base stocks to have the required low temperature properties. The Bechtel Hydrocarbon Technology Solutions (BHTS) solvent dewaxing process uses a mixture of MEK and toluene to aid in the crystallization and filtration of wax from the lube oil stocks.

What is solvent refining?

[′säl·vənt ri‚fīn·iŋ] (chemical engineering) The process of treating a mixed material with a solvent that preferentially dissolves and removes certain minor constituents (usually the undesired ones); common in the petroleum refining industry.

Which solvent is used in deasphalting process?

During the SDA process, the feed is mixed with a light paraffinic solvent such as propane (propane-deasphalting), and the oil is solubilized in the solvent. The insoluble pitch will precipitate out of the mixed feedstock as asphaltene.

What are the types of refineries?

There are four types of refineries – topping, hydro-skimming, conversion, and deep conversion refineries. Depending on the market a refiner is aiming at, each refinery has its unique design to ensure their production conforms to their host country’s set standards.

What is Visbreaking?

Visbreaking is a mild thermal cracking process applied to reduce the viscosity of VDR to produce fuel oil and some light products to increase the distillate yield in a refinery [1].

What is removed in solvent extraction?

Solvent extraction is the act of removing something or separating it. This must be done through force and this process occurs over the course of two different immiscible phases. Immiscible liquids (liquids that do not dissolve in one another) form layers when put together. Therefore, water will be the bottom phase.

How is dewaxing of a lubricant oil done by solvent refining?

Refining Processes The mechanism of solvent dewaxing involves either the separation of wax as a solid that crystallizes from the oil at low temperatures, or the separation of wax as a liquid that is extracted at temperatures above its melting point.

Which of the following is used as a solvent in deasphalting of petroleum product?

Which of the following is used as a solvent in deasphalting of petroleum products?

1) Propane
2) Furfural
3) Liquid sulphur dioxide
4) Methyl ethyl ketone

What is platforming process?

Platforming is herein defined as a catalytic reforming process in which a hydrocarbon fraction containing naphthenes and paraffins and boiling in the gasoline boiling range is contacted in the vapor phase and in the presence of a substantial pressure of hydrogen with a catalyst containing platinum on a suitable support …

How are solvents used in the dewaxing process?

There are several processes in use for solvent dewaxing, but all have the same general steps, which are: (1) mixing the feedstock with a solvent, (2) precipitating the wax from the mixture by chilling, and (3) recovering the solvent from the wax and dewaxed oil for recycling by distillation and steam stripping.

What kind of distillation is used for dewaxed oil?

An almost identical system of distillation is used to separate the filtrate into dewaxed oil and ketone. The ketone from both the filtrate and wax slurry is reused. Clay treatment or hydrotreating finishes the dewaxed oil as previously described.

How is dewaxing of lubricating oil base stocks used?

Through preferential selectivity of the solvent the former mechanism is usually used for commercial dewaxing processes. Dewaxing of lubricating oil base stocks is necessary to ensure that the oil will have the proper viscosity at lower than ambient temperatures. Two types of process are used; selective hydrocracking and solvent dewaxing.

Which is the best solvent for solvent extraction?

Electric precipitation may be used for separation of inorganic compounds. The solvent is then regenerated to be used again in the process. The most widely used extraction solvents are phenol, furfural, and cresylic acid. Other solvents less frequently used are liquid sulfur dioxide, nitrobenzene, and 2,2′ dichloroethyl ether.