Which power is used in fire extinguisher?

Which power is used in fire extinguisher?

CO2 is great for suppressing fires because it takes the fire’s oxygen source away as well as diminishes the fire’s heat since the CO2 is cold when expelled from the extinguisher.

What is the chemical used in DCP fire extinguisher?

DCP extinguishers are sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate. coating the fuel surface with chemical powder.

What is the composition of DCP?

The Dry Chemical is a powder composed of very small particles, usually of sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, urea-potassium based bicarbonate, potassium chloride, or monoammonium phosphate with added particulate material supplemented by special treatment to provide resistance to packing, resistance to moisture …

What is the pressure of DCP fire extinguisher?

UFS 6 Kg DCP Stored Pressure Type Fire Extinguisher

Brand UFS
Discharge Time Minimum 13 sec.
Fire Rating 3A & 21B
Hydraulic Test Pressure 35 bar
Service Pressure 15 -19 bar

What is DCP powder name?

Monoammonium phosphate, ABC Dry Chemical, ABE Powder, tri-class, or multi-purpose dry chemical is a dry chemical extinguishing agent used on class A, class B, and class C fires. It uses a specially fluidized and siliconized monoammonium phosphate powder.

What is DCP powder?

USHAFIRE Cartridge operated Dry Powder extinguishers are characterized by their high performance, simple method of operation and rapid fire knock down capability. They are suitable for tackling fires involving freely burning materials, petrol & oils, gas & electrical equipment.

Which gas is filled in DCP fire extinguisher?

1 DCP type Fire Extinguisher (Gas Cartridge type)-09 Kg. capacity Filled with ABC dry chemical powder complete with filled CO2 Gas Cartridge, squeeze grip type valve as a controllable discharge mechanism, braided PVC/rubber discharge hose with nozzle, locking arrangement, bracket with two screw and sleeve.

What is DCP system?

Dry Chemical Powder fire extinguishing system (DCP system) breaks down the chemical reaction within the fire and suppresses the flames almost immediately.

What is the pressure of DCP?

DCP Type – Portable

Capacity (Kg) 1 kg 2 kg
Extinguishing agent Dry powder (BC) IS : 4308 Dry powder (BC) IS : 4308
Propelling gas Nitrogen(N2) 15 bar 15 bar
Discharge time (sec.) Minimum 8 sec. Minimum 8 sec.
Service pressure 15 -19 bar 15 -19 bar

What is blue fire extinguisher?

The five fire extinguisher colours are: Blue – Dry Powder. Black – Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Cream – Foam. Red – Water (Spray and Mist)

What kind of powder is used in a DCP extinguisher?

There are two types of powders used in DCP extinguisher. Sodium bicarbonate which is normally used in cartridge type of DCP extinguishers effectively used in class B and C fires. Monoamonium phosphate which is normally used in stored pressure type of DCP extinguishers effectively used in class A, B and C fires.

What kind of fire extinguisher is dry chemical powder?

DCP Type Fire Extinguisher. Description: Dry Chemical Powder type fire extinguisher complete with Gun Metal cap, hose with squeeze grip nozzle, wall fixing brackets conforming to BIS: 2171 and with ISI mark.

What kind of fire extinguisher do you use?

DCP Type Fire Extinguisher. Dry Chemical Powder. Multipurpose ABE powder is a versatile extinguishant which is used to extinguish Class A (carbonaceous) fires achieved by sealing burning embers, it is also used on Class B (flammable liquid) fires and Class E (electrical) fires. Click to see full answer.

What kind of fire extinguisher has gun cap?

Description: Water CO2 type gas pressure fire extinguisher complete with Gun Metal cap, high pressure discharge hose with nozzle inside CO2 gas cartridge duly mounted on solid rubber wheel trolley, strictly conforming to BIS & ISI mark.