Which of the following pilgrims is feared like a plague?

Which of the following pilgrims is feared like a plague?

why is the reeve “feared like the plague…”

Who is dressed in green in Canterbury Tales?

The Yeoman The Knight
The Knight travels with only one servant, or yeoman, and one who looks like Robin Hood. Seriously, this guy is dressed all in green and decked out with a bow and arrows, a dagger, and a sword.

Who was the finest beggar in his batch?

Canterbury Tales

Who was “the finest beggar of his batch”? Friar
Who had “a forking beard and motley dress”? Merchant
Who was “stately in administration, in loans and bargains and negotiation”? Merchant
Who “so had set his wits to work, none knew he was in debt”? Merchant

Why does the Pardoner carry pig bones?

From the Pardoner’s portrait, we have good reason to believe the Host is probably right not to trust the guy: Chaucer tells us that, among his relics, he’s carrying a jar full of pigs’ bones, and that, with them, he’s able to cheat a poor parson out of two months’ salary.

Why are the pilgrims going to Canterbury?

Answer and Explanation: The pilgrims are on their way to Canterbury to pay respect to Saint Thomas Becket. As a martyred Christian, the pilgrims visit his shrine in Canterbury to pay respect to his sacrifice for his faith. For this reason the pilgrims are on their way to the shrine of Saint Thomas at Canterbury.

How does Chaucer feel about the Reeve?

The Reeve is one of the characters Chaucer describes in detail during the General Prologue of The Canterbury Tales. Physically, Chaucer says the Reeve is “a slender, choleric man” (1) whose legs are “very lean” (5). As such, we can imagine that the Reeve is generally skinny and slight.

Why is the Yeoman so sun tanned?

Why is the Yeo-man so sun-tanned? He wears a lot of clothes, so he does not show a lot of skin. What does this trait suggest about the Yeo-man, his activities, and how he spends his time? He is covered in weapons, so he can protect and shoot arrows.

Which pilgrim cried if she was a trapped mouse?

The Prioress’ behavior and personality are also confusing. She has a passion for her dogs and loves them deeply, feeding them roasted meat instead of just scraps. Yet, she would cry out at the injustice of catching a mouse in a trap or killing it.

Which Pilgrim was honest?

Most of the clergy is described with much sarcasm and disdain, but the Parson, because he is honest, pious, and unworldly is described in a positive way. Chaucer says the Parson preaches the gospel and shuns worldly possessions, giving what he has to the poor.

Who took money for confessions Canterbury Tales?

The Friar receives money in the form of silver for granting penance. He will, it is said, “grant penance” whenever he knows he can get a “pittance,” meaning a fee for the service. In a typically wry passage, Chaucer says that to the Friar (and, perhaps, not just this friar)…

Why is the Pardoner going to Canterbury?

Like the other pilgrims, the Pardoner carries with him to Canterbury the tools of his trade—in his case, freshly signed papal indulgences and a sack of false relics, including a brass cross filled with stones to make it seem as heavy as gold and a glass jar full of pig’s bones, which he passes off as saints’ relics.