Which is an electromagnetic radiation?

Which is an electromagnetic radiation?

Radiation that has both electric and magnetic fields and travels in waves. Electromagnetic radiation can vary in strength from low energy to high energy. It includes radio waves, microwaves, infrared light, visible light, ultraviolet light, x-rays, and gamma rays. Also called EMR.

What is electromagnetic radiation in radiography?

Electromagnetic radiation refers to the waves or quanta of the electromagnetic field as they propagate through space. The speed of electromagnetic waves is invariant in a vacuum, being ~ 3×108 m/s and represented by the symbol, c, otherwise known as the speed of light.

Where is electromagnetic radiation found?

Examples of EM radiation include radio waves and microwaves, as well as infrared, ultraviolet, gamma, and x-rays. Some sources of EM radiation include sources in the cosmos (e.g., the sun and stars), radioactive elements, and manufactured devices.

How does electromagnetic radiation occur?

EM radiation is created when an atomic particle, such as an electron, is accelerated by an electric field, causing it to move. Magnetic and electric fields of an electromagnetic wave are perpendicular to each other and to the direction of the wave.

Is electromagnetic radiation harmful to humans?

Remember, this is the type of radiation that’s potentially dangerous to your health. High levels of high-frequency EMFs can damage DNA and cells . Low levels of this radiation come from medical devices like X-ray imaging machines , and UV rays from tanning beds or the sun.

What are the 7 forms of electromagnetic radiation?

There are 7 regions in the electromagnetic spectrum and they are gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet, visible light, infrared, microwaves and radio waves.

How dangerous are electromagnetic waves?

Electromagnetic wave is dangerous, electromagnetic radiation makes us leukemia, cancer, and cataract. Such rumors about electromagnetic radiation’s risk are in many websites and books. Electromagnetic wave and electromagnetic radiation are invisible, odorless, and of course, vapidly.

What are facts about electromagnetic energy?

Em waves are the only type of wave that can travel through empty space.

  • All EM waves are transverse,and are not mechanical.
  • Infrared wavelengths have just a little bit longer wavelengths then the color red on the visible electromagnetic spectrum.
  • Gamma waves are the most energetic type of wave in the Electromagnetic Spectrum.
  • What are 3 examples of electromagnetic energy?

    Radio waves

  • Microwaves
  • Infrared radiation
  • Visible light – all colors of the spectrum that we can see.
  • Ultraviolet light
  • X-rays
  • Gamma radiation