Which country is Togo?

Which country is Togo?

West Africa
listen)), officially the Togolese Republic (French: République togolaise), is a country in West Africa….Togo.

Togolese Republic République togolaise (French)
Official languages French
Recognised national languages Ewe • Kabiye
Spoken languages show List:

Is Togo beautiful?

The beauty of Togo will be wasted if you do not take a hike up its beautiful mountains that overlooks some of the most gorgeous views in the country. Located near the Ghana border, it lies to the south east of Kpalimé in the Plateaux Region of Togo. This adventure would be another tick to your bucket list.

Is Togo safe?

Crime. Violent crime, theft and pick-pocketing are common throughout Togo and you should be especially cautious in Lomé along the beach and in the markets. Attacks occur during daylight as well as at night. You should avoid travelling alone where possible, even within Lomé city limits, especially at night.

What makes Togo unique?

Togo is among the smallest countries in Africa, and enjoys one of the highest standards of living on the continent owing to its valuable phosphate deposits and a well-developed export sector based on agricultural products such as coffee, cocoa bean, and peanuts (groundnuts), which together generate roughly 30% of …

Is there Internet in Togo?

There were 1.99 million internet users in Togo in January 2021. The number of internet users in Togo increased by 287 thousand (+17%) between 2020 and 2021. Internet penetration in Togo stood at 23.8% in January 2021.

What kind of sports do people in Togo play?

But what the country lacks in size, more than makes up with their love of sports. Togo particularly favors one sport above all and that is football. Though internationally, they have hardly made a dent in the sport, the Togolese people have not lost their passion for the sport.

What kind of holidays do they celebrate in Togo?

Cultural life. Holidays observed in Togo include those celebrated by the Christian population, such as Easter, Assumption, Whitmonday, All Saints’ Day, and Christmas. The country’s Muslim community observes ʿĪd al-Fiṭr, which marks the end of Ramadan, and ʿĪd al-Aḍḥā, which marks the culmination of the hajj rites.

What kind of economy do people in Togo have?

Agriculture provides the mainstay of the economy, employing close to four-fifths of the active population. Farmers grow food for subsistence and for sale. Land Tenure and Property. Private property exists in Togo alongside traditional community custodianship, and land is bought and sold under both systems.

Where is the largest city in Togo located?

Togo, country of western Africa. Lomé, the capital, is situated in the southwest of the country and is the largest city and port. Market in Lomé, Togo. Where is Serengeti National Park? What is Rhodesia called today? Find out by taking this quiz about Africa. Time-lapse video of Lomé, Togo.