Where was Jaycee Dugard stolen?

Where was Jaycee Dugard stolen?

Tahoe, California
On 10 June 1991, eleven-year-old Jaycee Dugard was abducted from a school bus stop within sight of her home in Tahoe, California.

How old was Jaycee Dugard when she had her daughters?

During her captivity, she was raped repeatedly and even gave birth to two daughters – her first when she was 14 years old and her second when she was 17 years old – all while being kept in a ramshackle dungeon in the Garridos backyard in Antioch, Calif. Jaycee’s nightmare came to an end in August 2009.

What are the names of Jaycee Dugard’s daughters?

Angel Dugard
Starlet Dugard
Jaycee Lee Dugard/Daughters

Is there a film about Jaycee Dugard?

Captive For 18 Years: The Jaycee Lee Story is a one off-documentary that follows the story of 11-year-old school girl Jaycee Lee Dugard, who was abducted by convicted sex offender Phillip Garrido, whose wife, Nancy, shocked the girl with a stun gun.

Where was the house where Jaycee Dugard was held?

Kollar said that Jaycee had been held captive at a house in Antioch, Calif., since the day she was abducted and none of their neighbors ever knew. He described the location as a “hidden back yard” within a larger yard that was arranged in such a way “to isolate the victims from outside contact.”

Where did Nancy Garrido take Jaycee Dugard?

For the next three hours, Jaycee was held down, in and out of consciousness, by Nancy Bocanegra as her spouse, Phillip Garrido, drove them to their home in Antioch, over 120 miles from Jaycee’s home. She pleaded to be left alone and even stated that her family couldn’t afford a ransom, but it didn’t make a difference.

When did Jaycee Lee Dugard have her baby?

On November 12, 1997, Jaycee knew her baby was coming. She went to wake Phillip and Nancy, fearing their anger at her interruption. Much to her surprise, the couple simply gathered the supplies once again and gave Jaycee codeine to help with the pain.

When did Jaycee Dugard move to Meyers CA?

Who is Jaycee Lee Dugard? In the fall of 1990, the Dugard family moved from Arcadia to Meyers since they believed that this Californian small town would be a safer community for their kids to grow up in. However, that changed on June 10, 1991, when two people kidnaped fifth-grader Jaycee Lee Dugard in broad daylight.